Sportsstuff Great Big Mable Towable Tube 4 Person

The Mable towable tubes from Sportsstuff has been one of the company’s bestsellers. There are currently 6 different types of these tubes each different from design and number of riders. These are the :

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The Great Big Mable Towable Tube

A towable tube for the lake made for 4 people -- both for sitting or kneeling.

Here’s the bigger version of the very popular Mable ski tube. The Sportsstuff Great Big Mable towable tube can accommodate up to 4 riders and has exactly the same Mable features that riders love.

  • It has comfortable and cushioned seats
  • high side walls for comfort and safety
  • multiple grab handles with knuckle guards

Getting the Sportsstuff Great Big Mable  Towable Tube Ready

This is a big ski tube which measures 93in. x 85in.  so make sure you have the space that it needs when transporting it.

Getting this up and ready is easy. Blowing up and deflating it is safe and quick as it is equipped with speed safety valves. Make sure that it has enough air when you blow it up so that it can be easily towed when moving (don’t over inflate or under inflate).

And The Fun Begins

What makes the Sportsstuff Great Big Mable one of the most sought after towable tubes is the many different  ways it can be ridden. You can ride this forwards or backwards, and you can either sit, stand, lay, kneel or lounge.

These different riding experiences make it one of the best tubes in the market.

Here’s a video of the Great Big Mable in the lake. Watch everyone having fun…

If you have little children, this tow tube can also be a “floating island” for the little ones. They don’t have to be towed out specially if they’re not used to the speed yet. But you can take your boat to the middle of the lake, and use this as a launching pad where the children can either swim around or enjoy the view (obviously, this is not it’s intended purpose but some Great Big Mable reviews from customers have used it as such — so if you do do it, get all safety precautions ready — or as the lawyers says, use it as such at your own risk”)

A towable tube for the lake made for 4 people -- both for sitting or kneeling.


  • dual tow points, one in the front and another in the back. So it can either go forwards or backwards
  • full nylon cover with a zip
  • soft air cushioned walls
  • quickly connects
  • made for 4 riders
  • measures 93in. x 85in.
  • maximum weight capacity 680 lbs.

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