Sportsstuff Big Mable 2 Person Towable Tube

The new Sportsstuff Big Mable 2 person Towable tube has just become more comfortable to sit on with safety sides that make any new rider feel very safe.

Like the old Big Mable version, this is 2 towables in one. Those who are more adventurous can kneel on it while going at high speed or you can also sit on it with the comfortable sides protecting your position. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

For the little kids and for adults who don’t want to go to fast on the Sportsstuff Big Mable 2 Person Towable, then you can simply use it as a place to sit on while you are out in the lake.

  • When buying Sportsstuff Big Mable on sale online, make sure that you factor in the Shipping charges as well. As much as possible go for one that does Free Shipping
  • Make sure you have a good tow rope and/or a tow harness when you buy Sportsstuff Big Mable. Remember this doesn’t usually come with the purchase of one of these ski tubes, so you’ll most likely need to buy a new one if you haven’t got one at the moment..

And to Whet your appetite before you buy Big Mable, watch the videos below.

Sportsstuff Big Mable
Sportsstuff Big Mable 2 Person Towable Tube Review

After many years, this towable ski tube still brings all the fun that ski tubes need to be in the water. It’s an all time favorite for many users largely because it can be used for different things.

When you own one of these Sportsstuff Big Mable Ski Tube, you’ll feel like you have three toys in one.

Here are some Sportsstuff Big Mable Review from actual customers

“needed a towable that was good for people who felt unsafe and nervous, and this is great! feels very stable, especially with the sides.”

“My family loves the Big Mable! Lots of fun. My mom was even able to get on it, as it is pretty sturdy on top of the water.”

“It is a great investment for everyone. Very durable and worth the money!”

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Sportsstuff Big Mable Orange Ski Tube Features

  • size: 72 x72 inches
  • For up to 2 riders
  • Double-webbing foam handles with knuckle pads
  • Double-stitched nylon full cover with zipper
  • Polyurethane fabric coating
  • PU Fabric coating
  • Backrest with air cushioned gaurds
  • foam seat and knee pads

Sportsstuff Big Mable Towable Ski Tube On Video

Here are some videos of the Sportsstuff Big Mable Ski tube in action. What Fun

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