The Makers Of The Best Towable Water Tubes

There are really only a few makers of the best towable water tubes that you will regularly see being praised by adrenalin thrill seekers. These companies make high quality and fun toys that are sure going to make every trip to the lake or the beach an exciting one.

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sportsstuff big mable

The maker of Sportsstuff towable tubes is Kwik Tek Inc.,  a company based in Colorado USA.  There are many different products in the Sportsstuff range. The styles so varied, the designs so good that year after year, more and more people want to get a hold of one of their fun exhilarating water toys.

Some of the popular Sportsstuff towable water tubes are

Airhead Towable Water Tubes

best towable tube

You’ll be surprised to know that the maker of another one of the best towable water tubes in the market today is also owned by the same company that operates Sportsstuff: Kwik Tek Inc.  Yes, it does own a pretty big chunk of the towable tube market. If you go out into the lake and see some people playing with their tubes, chances are it’s going  to be made by Kwik Tek.

Some towables popular under the Airhead brand are:

  • Pipeline
  • Jumbo Dog
  • Rampage
  • Viper
  • Fusion
  • Blast Off
  • Rip ii
  • G force
  • Storm
  • Hot Shot
  • Gyro

Full Throttle Tubes

full throttle tube

Full throttle doesn’t have as many designs or styles as Kwik Tek but their towable water tubes are fast becoming a popular choice for many. Apart from tubes, they also make water skis, knee boards, wake boards, and life jackets. Judging from it’s growth, they should be expanding their water sports gadgets and toys in the future.

Right now, their popular products are:

  • Hole Shot
  • Enforcer
  • Speed Ray

O’brien Tubes

Obrien water Tube

O’brien prides itself in making water tubes that the whole family will love. No longer with the children be staying on the shore all the time.  With O’brien, there are now toys that children be on as well such as the Simple Trainer where kids can have a go at this lake toy which can start planing at very slow speeds.

Apart from tubes, Obrien also sells wake boards, wakesurf, stand up paddle boards, kneeboards and tubes. Its most popular tubes are:

  • O’brien Screamer
  • O’briend Dart 2
  • O’brien Swift

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