Airhead Hot Dog Tubes And Alternatives

When it comes to Airhead ski tubes, the hot dog tubes are without the doubt one of the most popular ones.

They’re all reasonably priced and the design of these tubes are familiar to many of us (remember banana boats?). It’s a good place to start when buying inflatable water tubes especially for novice riders of towable water toys. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

What Makes an Airhead Hot Dog Tube Special?

  • made to quickly inflate and deflate
  • made from quality durable material that will last many seasons
  • The handles are made of neoprene and are nylon-wrapped to ensure the rider’s comfort and safety
  • Strong and stable
  • Both children and adults can enjoy it .
  • comfortable seating
  • 90 day warranty

Where To Buy At The Best Price

The prices can vary a lot. But so far, Amazon offers the best prices at this time. We’ll keep searching for other retailers that sell it at the same price or lower.

Hot Dog Tubes Caught On Video

See all the fun that one can have while on a hot dog tube. Here are some videos of families having fun at the lake and enjoying their new lake toy.

Double Dog Towable Tube

airhead double dog

The Double Dog  measures 79″ long x 49″ wide when deflated and made for two riders. It has comfortable Neoprene seat pads and has a full-nylon cover. Maximum weight limit of 340 lbs. /155 kg. A bit short but just as fun. Good value for money.

Hot Dog Tube

airhead hot dog tubes for 3

And here’s the Hot Dog tube for 3 riders. Like other Airhead tubes, this is made with the same good quality material. It measures 102in. x 44in. wide when deflated and has full nylon cover too. Maximum weight capacity of 510 lbs. This is the bestseller among the three different hot dog tubes — not too small, not too expensive. Just the right size and price.

Jumbo Dog

Airhead Hotdog Towable tube for 5

Now for something bigger and more riders, you can’t beat the Jumbo dog. Get all five riders in one inflatable boat and you just know that it’s going to bring a lot of fun. Great for a family who all want to go together. This Airhead hot dog tube measures 150in. x 44in. and has a maximum weight capacity of 850 lbs. Both children and adults can get on it at the same time and have the time of their lives at the lake.

Alternatives To the Airhead

If you’re looking for other brands, there are other “hot Dog” like inflatables as well. Since many of these manufacturers are not as known as Airhead Kwik Tek, then you’ll find that there aren’t a lot of customer reviews for these products. So it’s not always easy to see the quality and durability just judging from the photos you see online. At any rate, if you are looking for alternatives, here are some of them:

WCI Skiing Jumbo Dog

Cheap yellow and orange tube for 5 riders from a lesser known company. Significantly cheaper than Airhead.

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