Airhead 3 Person Tube – Boat Towable For 2018

Airhead Hot Dog

This is a very popular Airhead 3 person tube. Forget banana boats — it’s now the age for hot dog towables that bring just as much fun. Shaped like a hotdog and made for three people, this measures 103″ long x 44″ wide

Airhead Fusion 2

This is a unique design in that it is both a cockpit and deck tube. The center is a roomy cockpit area while the two sides are deck spaces which have strategically placed to fully support riders on the tube. A good tube for a mixture of child and adult riders.

G-Force 3

Here’s another very popular Airhead 3 person tube. Big kids, teenagers and adults are all going to enjoy this little toy on the lake. Lots of happy customers. It’s durable, fun and it can hold up to 550 lbs of weight.

airhead hotdog 3 person
Airhead Hotdog
airhead fusion
Airhead Fusion
airhead gforce 3
G Force 3
Airhead Matrix V3

A U-shaped towable that’s good for people who want to go for speed. This can roll way up on edge when riders shift their weight

Super Slice

A cheap reasonably-priced water towable tube and still offers just as much fun as the more pricey models on this list. This is a new 2018 version and already many customer reports show very happy customers. It is 70 inches in diameter so it’s a bit on the small side, but it can just fit 3 SMALL persons.

Viper Cockpit Style

Stable cockpit ride on the new Viper tube. Each of the seats are designed for utmost comfort (if you can say that of towable tubes) and soft enough for kids to feel safe and to enjoy the fun.

airhead 3 person matrix
Matrix V3
airhead 3 person super slice
Super Slice
airhead viper 3 person tube
Viper Tube Cockpit Style
Storm III

Sit with the rest of your friends on the Storm III inflatable tube. This is a big tube with wide wingspan and a thick front that makes it glide smoothly on the water. It is big at 116″ x75″. This is also a bit different from many of the other towable water tubes here as all three get to sit while the tube is being pulled.


This has just been recently redesigned for 2018. Airhead calls it one of the most fun and liveliest water tube in their 3-person range. It has a concave bottom with air pockets underneath, making the ride a truly wild one

Rock Star

Party like  a rock star with the Airhead 3 person Rock Star tube. This does not only get pulled along — it rocks too. It is designed in such a way that it glides as well as rocks when high waves hit it.  The outside wing can rise above the water. Not for the faint of heart.

airhead 3 person towable tube
Storm Water Tube
airhead outrigger 3 person tube
Outrigger 3 Person Tube
airhead tube 3 person
Rock Star 3 Person Tube
Transformer 3

Here’s another dual cockpit- and deck tube designs. However, in the Airhead Transformer 3 Person ski tube, the one in the middle has the deck while the two sides are the cockpit.

Alternatively, this can be solely a deck tube. Just put in the inflatable inserts and roll up the deck — Great for people who want to have the best of both worlds. Now no one will be fighting over who’s getting the cockpit.

airhead transformer 3 towable tube
Transformer 3 Tube

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