Large Inflatable Floating Island Rafts For a Fun Lake Party With Family and Friends

Giant multi-person inflatable rafts for the lake for amazing lake parties. Includes 3 big party island inflatables, the Sportsstuff Fiesta, Everton's floating Island and the Wow Tube a Rama

Lake floats for 1-2 persons are so old school!

If you want to take your party to the next level, then large multi-person floating island rafts are what you need. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

Having one of these 8-10 person blow up lake floats is like having your own little private island.

You can sit down and have a drink as you chat with each other and enjoy the scenery. Plus you can jump right into the water from your very own private dock!

Many of these inflatable floating islands have space for individual sitting. Some have cup holders for drinks, and an area for jumping into the water. (and one like this has seats for up to 12 adults!)

Are you interested yet?

If you are, the next obvious question is:

Which one do you get?

There are many inflatable party rafts for sale nowadays. Here are some of the best that we have found.

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Awesome Floating Inflatable Islands For 8-12 Adults

On this list, you’ll find the best large lake floats that have high Amazon ratings.

These rafts make a statement!

Prepare for people to be amazed and ask you many questions about your floating raft. These things are huge and will get other people’s attention! (I don’t know if that’s good or bad for you, but do expect this to happen!)

You’ll want these 8 – 12 person inflatable lake rafts if you plan to have a big group over.

With a lot of seats, it’s the perfect lake toy to enjoy the water, the scenery and friends.

Sportsstuff Fiesta Party Island: Inflatable 8 Person Floating Raft By A Brand You Can Trust

Sportsstuff Fiesta party raft in a lake with 7 adults. Blue and white 11.5" big.

Sportsstuff Fiesta Island has been around for many years now.

It’s an 8-person floating raft that people love because the materials are heavy duty and well-made. This means it lasts longer than other inflatable party rafts for sale in the market.

The Specs

  • Dimensions : 11.5ft x 11.5ft
  • Material: Made of good quality 100 PVC material, this lake float for adults is made to last many lake holiday seasons.
  • Seating Area Features: The Sportsstuff Fiesta Private Island has 8 comfortable seating space. Each sitting area is spacious, has contoured backrest and well-designed armrest.
  • Detachable Cooler: The Fiesta Island comes with a detachable floating cooler so you can you always have a place to put your cold drinks in.
  • Seats up to 8 People
  • 8 cup holders
  • Contoured backrests
  • Includes 16-quart inflatable floating cooler (detachable)
  • The cover is 100% PVC

Fiesta Island Inflatable Floating Raft Video

This big lake island float is well made. This has been recently improved and now includes a central air chamber for extra support. You can party with cooler and be safe too.

The Sportsstuff Fiesta Island Water Lounge is a whole lot of fun. Try it once and you will want to use it again and again. You can even use it to get the whole family for a chat! There’ll be no distractions at all! Just the whole family and nature all around you.

Sportsstuff Fiesta Island Raft In White & Blue Best Price

The Sportsstuff Fiesta Island White-Blue color usually retails for about $500. But you can get a good deal every now and then especially before the summer season…

Still not convinced? Read these Sportsstuff Fiesta Island reviews

Click Here To Read Customer Reviews

Final Thoughts On The Sportsstuff Fiesta Island Raft

This is like having your own island in the middle of the lake. You can opt to sit down, swim or have a drink or two while enjoying the scenery.

And you can even sit on the raft while the kids swim in the middle area! So you can watch them without getting your whole body wet.

This is one fun way to spend a relaxing day at the lake or the pool with friends and family (if you have a big pool that is!)

Some people even buy this to use it in the ocean (although from what I’ve read people only use it when the sea is calm or if it’s anchored to a boat!)

And since parties include a drink or two, this giant inflatable floating island has 8 cup holders.

Remember that you’ll need an air pump to inflate and deflate the Sportsstuff Fiesta Island Water Lounge. The speed of inflating depends on your type of air pump. It is electrical, will take about 4-6 minutes.

This is quick and easy to do. Some customer reviews even say that it’s easy to put back in its original box for storage!

This is one purchase that you will be happy about It makes lake parties with friends and family a relaxing and fun affair. Check it out here!

Wow Sports Tube A Rama 10 Person Raft: A Giant Multi-Person Party Float

If you think the Sportsstuff party raft is huge, you’ll be even more amazed by the size of Wow Sports’ Tube A Rama.

This giant lake float can hold as many as 10 adults!

And when you have 10 people in an inflatable floating raft, you know that’s going to be an awesome party!

Tube A Rama Lake Raft For 8 adults.
Have a lake party with friends and family in this Wow inflatable raft . Introducing the Tube A Rama! Check it out!!!

The Specs

Prepare to have a huge floating island with the Tube A Rama.

  • Dimensions: It has a 12-ft diameter that’s great for lake parties. This is a strong heavy duty large floating raft with 8 tubes around the diameter.
  • Material: 100% PVC heavy duty material
  • Seating Area Features: There are 8 seats but it has space for 10 adults. 4 of the seats have a mesh while the other 4 don’t.
  • the seats with no mesh are great for diving into the water (see in the video below).
  • A big central mesh: At the center of the float is a “deck†made of a strong mesh. This can be used as an extra seating area for 2 other adults.
  • 2 built-in coolers: these coolers are big and built into the float. Drinks are protected inside with an easy-to-open zip.

Tube A Rama Multi-Person Party Lake Raft Video

Here’s a video of the wow sports Tube A Rama in the lake. This video includes 8 people. At 3:10, take note that one person sits in the central mesh. This is where the extra 2 adults can sit.

Tube A Rama Reviews: Why People Like It

The size of this float never fails to amaze people. It’s also durable and is made of strong material. In many reviews, people often mention how happy they are with the Tube-a-Rama’s durability.

Look for deals and discounts in the Amazon or eBay marketplace

Wow Sports Stadium Island For a Giant Party Island Float

Here we save extra large float raft for last.

This giant inflatable lake float sits up to 12 persons. It doesn’t have the same individual sitting style as the floats above. But by designing it this way, it can accommodate more people.

This looks like a giant pizza with inflatable armrests that separate each person.

Giant inflatable float from Wow Islander Water sports. Get ready for a fun day at the lake.

The Specs

  • Dimensions: 12-foot diameter
  • Material: heavy duty PVC material
  • Seating Area: There are 12 seating areas with mesh seats.
  • The central area is a hole for use as an easy way to swim and/or dive into the water. Children especially love this feature.
  • Maximum weight: 2,640 lbs.

Stadium Island Lake Float Video

Here’s a quick video of the Stadium Island float. See what it looks like and how big it is as it floats in the lake!

If you want to buy a lake party float for a big group, you’ll want to have a look at this one.

Read what customers say about this

Party lake floats don’t get bigger than this! Ready to read more reviews? click the one you like best!

The Sea-Doo Mega Island: Fun Inflatable Island Floats and Party Rafts For Lake Use

A lake float with waterproof MP3 player. Fits 8 adults and kids. In blue and white

If you want to party, you don’t only need the drinks, you need some music, too. Right?

Well, did you know that you can have that too right there in the lake?

This is possible with Watersports Sea Doo Mega island

This is a one-of-a-kind inflatable party raft for 8.


Because it has a built-in waterproof MP3 console with built-in speakers!

Sea Doo Mega Island Specs

  • Material: extra heavy duty PVC material
  • Seating area: There are 8 seating areas separated by inflatable armrests. There’s also a sun deck for 2 extra people to lounge in.
  • Of the large floats for the lake on this list, this is the only one which has seating where water doesn’t come through (because it is not made of mesh)
  • Central area: The central area has a heavy-duty mesh floor that has been triple-welded
  • It has 2 built-in coolers and 6 drink holders
  • Also includes a detachable boarding platform.

Sea Doo Mega Lake Island Float Video

Here’s a video of the Sea-Doo float in the lake. Here are the points in the video to see the features:

0:07 – the drinks cooler

0:15 – the easy way to dive into the water from the seating area

0:17 – the easy way to go back up from the water into the float through the deck with the help of the detachable boarding platform

0:18 – notice the 4 boarding handles to help you get up on to the boat

This Sea-Doo Inflatable Mega island takes partying to a different level. Your and your family can enjoy your lake holiday with your favorite music in the background. You have everything you need to have a relaxing time with this Sea-Doo large party island float.

Read Customer Reviews here

A Large Float for the Lake for You and Your Family And Friends! ? ☀

Which one do you think you’re going to have the most fun in???

Big floating Island Rafts For Lakes With Seats For 6 Persons

6 Person Floating Lounge and Raft: Inflatable Multiple Person Floats

The best 6 person lake floats and inflatable islands with a picture of the yellow lake island raft for 6 people by Body Glove

The design and style of these 6-person island rafts are more varied than the bigger floats.

Most of the large lake floats featured above are round with an opening in the middle.  But if you only need an island raft for 6 persons, you’ll find that there are a few different designs to choose from.

You’ll find these in different shapes like the rectangular Airhead Cool Island or the triangular Body Glove Aqua Lounge.

If you’re looking for a stylish island raft, you might just find one here.

Ready To Choose One? Click and check out the customer reviews on Amazon!

Body Glove Paradise 6 Person Floating Raft

6 person lake float white and yellow color. A fun way to have fun in the summer with friends.

Body Glove products are becoming a popular buy when it comes to inflatable water toys for the lake.

And this 6-person inflatable party raft does not disappoint at all.

Do you want a party? Body Glove Paradise Lounge gives it to you.

This comes with a waterproof mp3 system. Now you can have all the music you need to get the party going in the middle of the lake.

The seats are made for your comfort. It has armrests, built in drink coolers, and each person can have his/her own drink holder.

The Specs

  • It also has 3 boarding platforms for easy access in and out of the water
  • Has a waterproof case in case you have electronics with you
  • Includes an anchor bag with rope so you can easily tow it
  • Dimensions: 129 inches long x 121 inches wide
  • 6 drink holders and 2 coolers
  • Material: heavy gauge PVC

Find Discount And Special Deals

Body Glove Paradise Video

Intex Key Largo Inflatable: Big Water Float For Lakes

Intex rafts are some of the highly-rated floats on this page. People love Intex products because of their durability and affordability.

The Intex Key largo Inflatable Island raft in white and green fits this description.

It’s an affordable lake float that can withstand teenagers jumping in and of it for the whole summer.

Intex 6 person floating lounge in green and white. Relax with friends at the pool or lake.
Intex Key Largo Inflatable Float

The Specs:

  • Dimensions: 136in.L x 128in.W x 22in.H
  • Material: heavy-duty puncture-resistant PVC
  • Seating area: This can sit up to 6 people. There’s the main seating area with a mesh center + sun deck
  • Weight capacity: 1320 lbs.
  • Comes with a cooler and 6 cup holders.

More Intex Island Rafts: Loved by many for its affordability and durability!

There are a few different Intex island rafts made of the same good quality material. If you’re looking for different designs, here are some more Intex island floats.

Airhead Cool Island: 6 Person Float Loved by Kids

Kids sitting and enjoying the lake on this airhead cool island inflatable raft. It's more like a sun deck to lie down and dive from.
Airhead cool Island for 6 People

And last but not least, here’s the Airhead cool island for 6 people with an amazing 1000 lb weight limit.

As you can see, it looks very different from the two Sea doo rafts above. This is more of something to lie on rather than to sit on. It ’s a great way to spend time with friends out in the water.

This is like a sundeck and it makes a great floating island for those who want a good tan this summer. No sunbathing on the shore.

Get on this cool 6 person float, tow it to the middle of the lake and tan away. Plus if you get tired of the tanning, you could easily jump into the lake for a nice cool swim.

The Specs:

  • Dimensions: 107″ l x 88″ w x 10″ thick (when inflated)
  • Seating and Lounging Area: there’s a sundeck for 2 persons and a boarding area with mesh for 2 more persons to sit on.
  • Drink holders: 4 drink holders + storage
  • Easy to tow in and out. It also has three handles welded to the side to easily climb into the float from the water.

Children love the Airhead cool island. It gives them their own space in the water where they can relax when they want to or jump into the water for a little swim.

Our Top Picks

Wow Sports Stadium Inflatable Island
Looking for an island float for 12 persons? this is the only one that can accommodate this number of people. Great for parties at the lake! CHECK ON AMAZON
✔ Maximum capacity: 12 persons
✔ easy to anchor – with grommet and anchor bag
✔ orange color makes it very visible in the lake or river
✔ the open center is great for kids to swim in so you can watch them

“The party favorite it can easily hold 12 ppl we got 16 on it.” – Read More Amazon Reviews here

Sportsstuff Fiesta Floating Island Raft
Here's one of the coolest inflatable islands right now. Definitely one of our top picks for durability. and size. Highly-rated for many years now. CHECK ON AMAZON
✔ Maximum capacity: 8 persons
✔ comfortable seating area with arm rests
✔ comes with floating inflatable cooler
✔ Keep yourself in place with anchor bag
✔ Strong mesh floor at the bottom

“We use it at our property on the lake, tethered to the dock, adults and kids have a blast using it to lay out and swim to a from. ” – Read More Amazon Reviews

Tube A Rama Lake Float
Wow Sports Tube A Rama Inflatable island float. Bright colors will keep you visible on the lake. The middle area is great for kids to play and swim in too. Have fun in the lake or the river with friends. CHECK ON AMAZON
✔ Maximum capacity: 10 persons
✔ you can use in lake, pool or river
✔ Has 8 seats with a large mesh for extra seating
✔ Comes with anchor bag and tie rope

“This float was AWESOME at the river. We had 10 people on our float and sometimes 11, and this float held up extremely well. ” – Read More Amazon Reviews Here

Unicorn or Flamingo Party Raft

Unicorn or flamingo inflatable island - you'll be king or queen of the water with this island float. Such a hit for many people going off to the lake for a party with friends. CHECK ON AMAZON
✔ Maximum capacity: 6 persons
✔ Includes a pump
✔ With a cooler and a handle for anchoring
✔ If you don’t like the flamingo design, there’s a unicorn one

“My husband and I brought this out on the lake…and it was a BIG HIT! We had at least 50 – 60 people on it throughout the course of the whole day and it held up well. ” – Read More Amazon Reviews Here

Tropical Breeze Multi Person Float

Bestway floating island raft - the only one with a canopy. If there are only 6 people in the party, this is a handy one to have especially during hot days. CHECK ON AMAZON
✔ Maximum capacity: 6 persons
✔ The only one on this list with a sunshade
✔ Comes with cup holders and a cooler bag
✔ Has mesh button
✔ Easy to enflate and deflate

“…I got the one with the canopy just because it is great to be able to have some shade if needed.” – Read More Amazon Reviews Here

Airhead Cool Island Video

A short video for a view of the Airhead cool island in the water.

  • Find Deals and Prices
  • Read Customer Reviews

Inflatable Floating Island Rafts With Canopy

The Best inflatable floating islands with canopy for a very relaxing time in the water from Includes image of of the Tropical Z blue lake float for 6 people

One of the pleasures of lake holidays is being able to chill and relax.

And what better way to do this than with an inflatable floating island with canopy.

We love the feel of the sun on our cheeks, but being exposed to the very hot sun for extended periods of time can be too much, sometimes.

Here are two of the best lake floats with a canopy that are good for relaxing or partying with friends at the lake.

Sportsstuff Cabana Islander Lounge

Why relax on the side of the lake when you can do it right in the lake in a Sportsstuff Cabana Islander floating Lounge?

This a great cabana for those who want to relax under the sun out in the water. A great way to spend time with friends and family out in the lake.

Lake Island water lounge with a canopy by Sportsstuff. Seating 4 adults with a lot of space. Also has an attached diving area and cooler. Fun days at the lake
Sportsstuff Cabana Islander

The Sportsstuff Cabana Islander has been one of the bestselling lake floats for many years now. And if you go on lake holidays, you will have noticed a few of these on the lake.

This is made of durable, lightweight material and one that you can anchor in place. It fits 6 people comfortably, too. It’s a nice lake float to have when you’re with the family or a party with friends.

On days when you don’t feel like using the canopy, you can also take it off quite easily.

Sportsstuff Cabana Islander Floating Lounge Reviews

The Sportsstuff Cabana Island is a durable lake float for adults that will last for many summers.

Many who buy it are always thrilled with their purchase and are always happy with it as well.

Click Here To Read The Full Reviews

What You Get

The Sportsstuff Cabana Islander inflatable water lounge is made of durable material that lasts for many years.

  • Removable Nylon Cabana Shade – When the sun gets a bit hot, it’s always a good idea to use the cabana.  But when you just want to get yourself a tan, then the cabana shade can be easily taken off.
  • Attached Boarding Platform – An easy way to get on to the cabana. Looks a bit tricky but it’s actually a big help…
  • Floating Cooler – This also comes with a floating cooler with cup holder. Great way to stock up on your drinks and not have to go back to shore to get another one.
  • Seating – There is room for 6 on this cabana, but 4 is really the most ideal.
  • Dimensions – 82in. X 76 in. x 102 in

Buy Sportsstuff Cabana Islander Float For the Lake: Deals, Prices, Reviews and Videos

Still not sure if this lake float is for you? Why not watch the video below and find out more about this raft?

Cooler Z  X-5 Canopy Island

Have both the full sun or a bit of shade with this lake raft with a removable canopy.

This is a unique design with a central seating area and a deck.

Tips On Buying 4 Person Floating Rafts For Lakes

If you only need space for 4 adults, 4 person floats are very easy to find. There are a lot more products to choose from.

The four-person floating rafts for the lake above are the ones we see that have high customer ratings.

Since there are so many options, the price can vary greatly. For example, the CoolerZ Inflatable Tube can set you back for less than a hundred dollars. But the Sea-Doo floating raft with an mp3 player can cost three times that amount.

What To Look For When You Buy Large Multi-Person Floats For Lake Use

With floats like this, go with trusted brands.

These can cost a lot of money, so get it from a company that has already proven themselves in this business.

Look for a floating raft made of strong durable material. These rafts are made to hold 4 – 10 people in the middle of the lake, so safety should always be your main consideration.

Also, what makes big brands better is that they have a longer warranty period than the non-branded ones.

The Accessories

Each floating raft you’ll see for sale will have a different “specialtyâ€. So it’s good to know exactly what is most important to you. Some of the accessories included are:

  • beverage coolers
  • an mp3 player system with speakers
  • Canopy
  • These things are heavy. Blow it up near the water so it’s easy to get it in.
  • You will need an air pump

Preferably get an electric one that can quickly blow the lake float up. You don’t want to spend too much time on this part, especially when you have kids who can’t wait to use.