Will Snow Ruin a Trampoline? (+ Guide to Winterizing Your Tramp)

Many good quality trampolines are made to stand different weather conditions. If your manual says it’s an all-weather trampoline, then it’s built to live through different weather conditions like snow, sun, and rain.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t put it away for storage 🙂

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So will snow ruin a trampoline? 

No. snow doesn’t ruin a trampoline. Sunlight is probably your first enemy when it comes to tramps. But that said, you can’t leave snow on a trampoline. The weight of the snow can exceed its capacity and stretch the springs. So whenever snow builds up on your trampoline, brush all the snow out of it (don’t use a shovel or heated blower) and wipe it dry.

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Winterizing a trampoline

Winter is here and you’re trying to decide whether or not to put your trampoline away in storage for the winter.

You have a lot of questions:

  • Do you really need to take down a trampoline in the winter?
  • Will snow break your trampoline?
  • Can you jump on a trampoline in the winter
  • What’s the best 

I’m going to answer all those questions here. Hope this helps you decide what to do with your trampoline now that winter is here.

Do you really need to take down your trampoline in the winter?

No, you don’t have to.

This is especially true if you have an all-weather trampoline. If you don’t, I recommend putting it away for storage.

Why? Because the structure may not be built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Even the damp that comes with winter can be damaging to a trampoline’s frames and springs if it’s not built for all types of weather.

But. and here comes the big BUT.

If you don’t intend to use the trampoline in the winter, put it away until Spring.


Because if you leave it out, there still is a lot of maintenance to do that either way, there is some work involved.


I know it’s a pain to put down a trampoline for storage. But my take on that is that you only have to do it once.

If you put it out, you’ll still need to wipe it dry when it’s wet or damp. (Yes! Even when you have a trampoline cover). You still have to brush the snow away when it gets covered with snow. 

How many times do you have to do that?

Depends on what the weather is like where you are.

So you be the judge.

But then, if you plan to use the trampoline in the winter, and it’s an all-weather tramp, then, by all means, have fun with it and leave it out.

In fact, some people have fun with the snow on it. Very unsafe. But fun.

What you need to consider

I’ve read a lot of forums to find out what trampoline users do. It seems to me that there are a lot of people who do leave their trampoline out for the winter exposed to rain, snow and the cold

These trampolines have lasted many years for them.

They do say though that they regularly clean it dry and do maintenance work on it during the season.

But that’s not the experience of all people who leave it out.

I’ve read a few reports that leaving it out in the winter has made the springs rusty and so, the bounce is no longer the same. I assume these are for trampolines that are not made to be left out for the winter, too.

Whatever you decide to do, here are some things you must consider for this change in the weather.

Most heavy-duty trampolines can stand rain and snow. However, high winds are a much bigger problem

If you live in an area that gets very windy, then this is the one thing you should be more concerned about.

What am I saying?

Make sure that your trampoline is properly anchored. It can fly very easily and possibly cause damage to your or your neighbor’s property. Get an anchoring kit and secure it to the ground. Hopefully, you’ve already done this when you first put up the tramp.

So you’ve decided to leave your trampoline out in the winter

Here are some things you can do to protect it from weather damage.

  1. You’ll ideally want springs that are galvanized inside and outside. These kinds of springs stop rust from forming and protect it from the harsh winter weather
  2. Regularly clean leaves and dirt that accumulate on top of the trampoline. The leaves causes moisture which damages the mat.  It can also cause the green or black stuff (algae) to form in your trampoline.
  3. As I said above, if snow accumulate on top of it, brush it out of the trampoline with a soft bristle brush.
  4. Don’t use a shovel or blower when you get rid of the snow. The shovel can cause scratches or tear it. The blower, on the other hand, is heated and will ruin your mat. I’ve heard of some owners who use a shovel without any problems. But I don’t think it’s worth the risk of damaging it.

How to remove heavy snow from a trampoline?

Use a soft bristle brush, never a shovel or blower.

Start brushing from the middle. Brush the snow towards the edge from there. Then drop the snow off it and into the ground.

After you do this, and all the snow is gone, get a cloth and wipe the mat dry.

What could happen if you leave your trampoline out in the winter?

  1. Nothing. It will be ready for spring and your children might even have had a few fun days jumping on it in the cold.
  2. If it’s not the type of trampoline that stands winter conditions, the springs could get rusty which will affect the bounce. 
  3. If you get hurricanes or strong winds, it could get blown away if you haven’t anchored it properly. Duh! So anchor it for your own safety.
  4. If it gets snowed on and you don’t brush the snow off it, the weight of the snow could be too much for the recommended weight capacity and stretch the mat and the springs.

Jumping on a trampoline in  the winter

Jumping on a trampoline in the winter? Here are some safety tips

Like any other time when your children jump on a trampoline, safety should always be your concern. The same safety tips apply, especially in the winter.

First things first.

Yes, it’s ok to jump on a trampoline in the winter. It will be cold, though. I suggest not using too many bulky winter clothes or a scarf when jumping on it. Wear tight-fitting clothes that make jumping on the trampoline comfortable. 

Off to some safety tips:

Make sure the trampoline is dry. It may be a lot of fun when it’s slippery and wet but frrankly, that’s just an accident waiting to happen.

Also, be even more vigilant with having only one person jump on it at a time.


You’ve probably seen a few Youtube videos of people jumping on a trampoline with snow on it. Not recommendable. Says this safety-nazi here. I know it’s fun. If you must do it, keep the kids out of it and know that it has some dangers attached to it.


Not recommended to jump on an icy trampoline!

The deal with trampoline covers

You can buy a trampoline cover to keep the mat underneath it clean. It’s a way to keep debris, dust and leaves out.

And that’s really the main reason why you’d use a trampoline cover for the winter.

You still have to do some maintenance work though.

The thing is the cover can cause moisture between it and the mat. And we know moisture isn’t good for it. 

So occasionally, take the trampoline cover out and wipe the mat dry. This stop mold of fungus from forming.

Winterizing a trampoline and putting it in storage

You have decide to put your trampoline in storage for the winter.

Like many trampoline owners, it’s probably not one you’re looking forward to doing. But it should be easy to do with the proper instructions.

You have a choice to make here.

You can take all of the trampoline down or you can leave the frame out in the garden. 

Which one are you doing?

The steps:

Watch the video below on how to take your trampoline down. Here are the steps:

  1. Clean any dust and debris off the padded ring and the mat. 
  2. Start with taking off the side protector first and then folding it for storage. 
  3. Next, take down the poles and untie the net enclosure that is attached to the pole. Zip the net to make it easier to fold, later.
  4. Lastly, take the springs out. This is probably the one that will take a lot of your time. When you’ve done all the springs, put them in a plastic container.
  5. Lastly, fold the mat for easy storage.

If you follow all the steps, it should be easier to put your trampoline away for the winter. 

Taking the spring off is usually the thing that a lot of trampoline owners hate because it takes up so much time. So make sure you watch the part of the video that shows you a very nifty trick to make this much quicker and easier for you (1:45).

Store your trampoline in a big storage container.  Make sure everything is dry and it’s stored in a dry place.

Another thing you can do is to spray the springs with WD-40 or any appropriate oil to keep it rust-free and ready for the Spring season

Related Questions

Do shoes ruin a trampoline?

Yes. Shoes will ruin a trampoline. Either go barefoot or wear non-skid socks. You can also use trampoline shoes. These are the same ones that you use for gymnastics training. They’re light and have rubber soles which have a good grip.

You may be tempted to use shoes in the winter when the mat is cold. Don’t do this if you want your trampoline to last its lifetime.

Will a trampoline break in the cold?

No. the cold itself does not break the trampoline. Its water and UV rays that play a big part in compromising its structure. As long as you do all the things I’ve mentioned here regarding looking after your trampoline in the winter, it should last for as long as its life span.

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