Best Heavy Duty Trampolines (Highest Weight Limit – 450, 500, 600 lb Weight Capacity)

highest weight capacity trampolines featuring three different types with high weight capacity. 450 lbs, 500 lbs and 800 lbs!

The highest weight capacity trampolines can have a weight limit of as high as 1500 pounds. But that’s rare. You’re more likely to find heavy-duty trampolines with 450, 500, or 600-lb weight limits.

These trampolines with high weight capacity are well suited for adults and larger individuals as they can withstand heavy use and high weight limits.

Let’s explore our top picks.

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Our Top 3 Picks for Trampolines That Can Handle a Heavy Load

If you’re a heavy guy and you want to play, exercise, or jump on a trampoline, you may be looking for tramps that adults can go on. All these top three picks should be able to accommodate both kids and adults.

1. Upper Bounce: Highly-rated Rectangle Trampoline with 500 lbs. Weight Limit

Here’s a top-rated rectangle trampoline by Upper Bounce.

Upper Bounce rectangle trampolines can support weights as high as 500 lbs. I often see this trampoline getting a 5-star customer review year in and year out so that’s why it’s top of this list.

This is available in 3 sizes: 8ft—14 ft, 9ft—15 ft, and 10ft—17 ft. However, since this is quite popular especially in the run-up to the summer season as you might not always find all three sizes available.

Of the trampolines we feature here, UpperBounce has a more budget-friendly price point. So if you’re looking for a good trampoline at an affordable price, you might want to start your search by looking into what Upper Bounce offers.

High Weight Capacity trampoline at 500 lb weight capacity. Also available in different colors and sizes.

Click here to read customer reviews — a tramp with no weight limit.

Installation & Assembly – Like a lot of outdoor products, installation time can vary. From reading the reviews, some have been able to assemble this in less than 2 hours. But most people seem to take anywhere from 4-6 hours. This depends so much on your skill level and the trampoline size. To make installation and assembly easier, Upper Bounce recommends using their Bilt app, which provides assembly instructions. Many customers recommend using it too.

Materials: The best brands always put child safety as a top priority when designing their trampolines. So they use materials that make bouncing safer for everyone. For Upper Bounce, apart from the durable frames, the poles are also covered with soft foam. The safety net enclosure also provides an extra layer of safety. It helps stop the risk of jumpers’ feet accidentally slipping into a gap which could hurt them.

Safety Standards – Upper Bounce is ASTM certified. It has well-built strings with hook and loop strips for added trampoline safety. The hook and loop strips ensure that the springs are securely attached to the frames.

Trampoline Frame – Upper Bounce frames are made of rust-resistant materials designed to be weather resistant. It also meets all ASTM industry standards.

2. The Beast No Weight Limit Tramp: Perfect Trampoline for Heavy Adults (And Kids Who Want a Superior Bounce)

The Beast, which has no single-user weight limit, markets itself as the safest trampoline. So what are the specific features of the Beast that makes it one of the most sought-after tramps for outdoor enthusiasts?

First of all, the heavy-duty frames and extra thick. They are fully galvanized inside and out. This makes them strong and tough and able to stand a lot of weight. The springs are also extra thick at 8.5 inches. And the mats? They’re made in the USA.

The Beast is constructed with a reinforced frame and big piano wire springs. The spring construction together with the mat means that it bounces across the whole surface so kids and adults alike can enjoy a much more has great bounce and

So what does all this mean?

That everyone in the whole family from kids to adults can enjoy jumping on the beast. And because it doesn’t have a weight limit, even heavy adults can get on it and have a tremendous jumping experience.

Beast heavy duty trampoline

Click here to read customer reviews, a tramp with no weight limit. Or watch the video in the next tab

As for safety, it meets all ASTM standards. So what makes it safe apart from the strong frame?

  • It has safe overlapping doors
  • The safety pads are extra thick
  • It has strong welds with t-sockets so there are no welds breaking
  • Good quality jumping mat
  • The enclosure poles have thick foam and sleeves

The features:

  • Available in 10, 12, 14, and 15 ft diameter
  • Rust protection and can withstand harsh weather
  • Extra thick vinyl safety pad that won’t rip

3. Springfree 13 ft Square Trampoline: For a Soft Bounce Without the High-Tension Springs (Maximum Weight Capacity – 1100 lbs)

Springfree claims they’re America’s safest trampoline — the main reason being that they don’t use a single spring. That’s because studies have shown that trampoline-related injuries occur near the spring area. So with a Springfree trampoline, this risk is reduced (and customers love it for that, too. Read the reviews here)

Instead of using metal springs, Springfree uses composite rods with frames hidden below the surface. This means the edges are soft and the jumping surface is safe.

The Jumbo Springfree Trampoline is currently the biggest one they have and is perfect for families with huge backyards. Heavy single jumpers will particularly love it. However, lighter single jumpers might find it a little bit tricky to get the air that they want.

World's safest trampoline high weight capacity

Springfree Highest Weight Capacity Trampolines: What Customers Say

Highest Weight Capacity Trampolines: Heavy Duty Trampolines with Enclosure (2023)

Here’s the reality:

I first wrote this page on high-weight capacity trampolines about 7 years ago (maybe more, I’m not sure). And every year, I always need to make some changes to the page because heavy-duty trampoline features change very quickly. In this section, I provide a table of the current trampoline weight limits of some of the popular brands. These are all trampolines with enclosures and a jumping surface that meet industry standards.

Acon trampolineWeight limit: as high as 800 lbs.
– 15 ft. diameter, height: 36 inches
– made for kids and adults
– 10-year warranty on the frame
– Buyers say this is the bounciest trampoline they’ve ever had“
Read Amazon Reviews
No weight restrictions
– diameter: 14ft
– exceeds all ASTM safety requirements
– tough trampoline for adults and fun trampoline for kids
– super fun bounce that is strong and stable

Buyers say this is stable and doesn’t jiggle“ Read Amazon Reviews here

– safe no-gap jumping mat design
– diameter: 15ft height: 6 ft
– upgraded for 2019 TUV certified
– 10-year frame warranty
– Buyers say this can stand high winds“ Read Amazon Reviews Here“
Exacme 15-ft 400-lb WEIGHT LIMIT
– diameter: 15ft height: 9ft
– TUV certified – safety and quality approved
– No gap jumping mat design
– 3-year limited warranty on frame
– A buyer said this stood stable after a hurricane with 60-70 mph wind gusts“ Read Amazon Reviews Here
– sizes available: 10ft, 12ft, 14ft & 15ft
– height: 8.9 ft
– TUV certified
– heavy-duty rust-resistant steel frame
– Buyers love the safety feature of having the mat and enclosure in one“ Read Amazon Reviews Here
– Very large, commercial-grade, rectangle trampoline
– sizes available: 8x14ft, 10x17ft, 10x20ft, 10x23ft, 14x16ft
– Safe for beginners and young children as well as elite jumpers
– Lifetime warranty on frames
– Buyers love the nice bounce and how big it is. Popular among gymnasts, cheerleaders, and snowboarder enthusiasts. Read Amazon Reviews Here

Trampolines With the Highest Weight Capacity

What is your main reason for searching for a trampoline with high weight capacity? Perhaps you’re looking for a good adult-size trampoline so you can work out and exercise at home. Or maybe, you’re interested in a beginner trampoline or an Olympic-size one for advanced use? Or do you simply want to make sure that it can hold your weight without the risk of falling through it while jumping?

The tramps on this page all have over 330 lbs. weight limit. And some, like the Beast, have no maximum weight limit at all. However, do note that even with this, you still have to do more research and check for single-user weight limits when buying a tramp for you and your family. 

For your safety and peace of mind, check out this article on trampoline safety.

Of course, it also goes without saying that trampoline weight capacity shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. You should also look for frames, mats, springs, and other parts that are made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials.

More Heavy Duty Trampolines with High Weight Limit

Here are a few more heavy-duty trampolines with more than a 400 lb weight limit.

Please note that trampoline features are always changing and the content below may not be up-to-date. So please check their respective product page for the latest features and safety guidelines.

Upper Bounce Mega Outdoor Trampoline

Upper Bounce has taken its renowned safety and quality one step further with the new Mega trampoline! This is one of the biggest tramps at the moment at 10×17 feet. Its rectangular shape makes it a great jumping space for children. And with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs., adults can use it for exercise, too.

All the more fun for the whole family.

Safety features:

This is equipped with safety features for anyone who jumps on it. The net is threaded to the frame which creates a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about anyone falling off the trampoline while jumping.

The sturdy frame is designed to take a beating so that it doesn’t just fall apart after a few months of use.

What makes this design unique is its durability through winter weather. this jumper will hold up in the cold months to come with its sturdy steel frame featuring sturdier anchoring stakes that resist snow loading.

Other features that may interest you:

  • For the ladder, you can choose a plain or a 3-step ladder with a slide.
  • Customers say that this is a bouncy trampoline
  • Reviews also show that this tramp holds up in the cold winter months (they do recommend that you use a cover trampoline cover as well)
  • Has antifungal properties

This is a very popular trampoline. With summer coming, this is going to run out very quickly. See for yourself

What You Need to Know About Upper Bounce Trampolines

Upper Bounce makes both rectangular and round trampolines. But it is the rectangular trampoline with 500 lbs. weight limit that is the most popular for the readers of this page.

These are rectangular trampolines and are available in three different sizes, based on the distance from the frame to frame. This company prides itself in having trampolines that are very bouncy!

See how bouncy it is with the video below. See all the different sizes available and read customer reviews at Amazon here.

Some Important Notes:

  • Trampoline warranties: 1-year
  • you may have to take this down during bad weather and strong winds as some customers do

Acon USA Tramps: High Weight Limit Trampoline (600 lbs 800 lbs capacity)

It is not often that you find a trampoline that has a weight limit as high as Acon trampolines. Of all the trampolines we’ve featured here, these trampolines have been the most popular over the years.

Acon trampolines have a structural weight limit of 800 lbs with no single-user weight limit. This means no matter how heavy you are, you can use it. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s an Acon tramp that can accommodate you.

Heavy duty trampoline for the home with up to 800 lbs. weight capacity!

Different types available: from rectangular to sports level trampolines for heavy adults and kids

Acon Rectangular Sports Trampoline

We all have different trampoline requirements. You might want a rectangular trampoline while another person wants the bounciest one in the market.

That’s the good thing about Acon tramps. There is one for every taste.

But the most popular right now is the Rectangle Acon Sport Trampoline

It’s a new design that a lot of people like at the moment the Acon rectangle sports trampolines. It gives the same feeling as being in a trampoline park and it is also very bouncy. If you are looking for a trampoline for heavy adults that can make your bounce as high as you like.

Here is what Courtney, a verified buyer, says about this one on the Acon official site.

I searched and searched for the perfect trampoline for my 5 kids. They are 17,15,10,6 & 6 years old so I needed something that could hold all of them safely and we found it! The weight limit of 800 lbs is what drew us in.The quality is top of the line of this trampoline. The net is so much taller and thicker than any trampoline we’ve ever had. The poles are not going to rust. My kids are happy and have not gotten off of it since we got it a week ago. We kind of want a 2nd one!

Courtney Acon Official site

As mentioned, Acon has many different styles for your needs. So you’re not limited only to rectangular trampolines.

If you’re looking for round tramps with enclosures, you can get that, too.

The Round Acon trampolines

Not all Acon trampolines have the same weight limit. The following trampolines are made for both kids and adults and have no single-user limit. See which one fits your budget and requirements here.

  • Acon 12 ft. trampoline
  • Acon 14 ft. trampoline
  • Acon 15 ft. trampoline
  • Acon 16 ft. trampoline

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