Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

The Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber has been expertly tailored so that even three-year old kids can enjoy the total fun and excitement of scrambling up and down its sides.

The geometric dome is based on a concept of structure and durability. It’s so strong that up to 6 kids can climb and have fun at the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

Because of its design, children develop and strengthen both their physical and mental capabilities. What other backyard play center can give your children their daily dose of exercise while teaching them coordination and dexterity?

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Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center
Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Features

The Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber is designed with a 10-foot radius climbing structure that children as young as 3 years old can enjoy. It has a 1,200-pound limit that allows many kids to play and enjoy at the same time.

The Dome Climber is built to last. It is made with tube pipes measuring 1.5” in diameter and 33” in length. It comes with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or real rock climbing grips that will allow easier climbing and a firm grip while developing strong muscles.

Its sturdy frame is constructed with powder coating that reduces retention of heat and protects the frame from extreme weather conditions, ensuring that the dome will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Reviews

Families who are enjoying their Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber in their own backyards can only marvel at the product’s sturdiness. Many kids can climb and scramble up and down its sides yet the structure doesn’t even move a bit. It is also easy to assemble so you can have the geometric dome set up in just a few hours for the kids are eager and raring to climb the dome and have fun.

To echo one mother’s raving product review, the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber is “extremely solid and well-built…it is public park solid I can even climb on it. And my husband can too….”

Here are some other customer reviews

It is very very sturdy. I (135 lbs) have climbed on it, as well as my husband (260 lbs)with no fear of it not being sturdy enough.

This climber is wonderful! Our kindergartner son loves it. It took my husband and teenage son about an hour to put it together.

This climbing dome has proven to be a great deal of fun for our kids. We have three boys: 6, 6, and 3. They are all over this thing. It is big enough to be fun, but not so tall as I worry about them falling off…

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