Kids Swing Sets For Small Yards: Playgrounds for Small Backyards

Being a mom myself, I know how useful it is to have your very own playset in the backyard. It keeps the children busy, gets them exercised and you get to do some things while they’re playing (at least when they’re a bit older).

Many of the problems that parents have is the lack of backyard space. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

But this doesn’t have to stop you from having one.

Yes, there are lots of fancy big swings that will only fit in the backyards of mansions, but there are also a lot of choices for small swing sets for small yards.

They look good and offer the same kind of entertainment that bigger sets have for kids.

On this page, we have more than 10 compact playsets for you to choose from.

Note: Do take note that ASTM standards for residential play systems say that you should allow at least 6 feet of space around all sides for safety purposes.

Different Kinds Of Playgrounds For Small Yards

Swing sets… Playsets…

Not quite sure what to call it?

On this page, we’ve made a slight distinction between the two (as much as we can!).

For swing sets, we’ve included products where the swings are the main feature.

On the other hand, when we say playsets, these are the backyard playgrounds that include a lot of other things like a slide, climbing wall, monkey bars, and more.

The Best Small Swing Sets For Small Yards

Step 2 Playhouse and Swing Set For Small Kids

If you’re buying a playset for a small kid, have a look at Step 2’s Naturally Playful Swing set :

This is made in the USA and has features that toddlers and preschoolers enjoy.

It has a roomy deck, a playhouse with a little door and windows, a swing, and slide. It’s great for pretend play and some gross motor practice too!

It’s durable and very easy to put together. Size6.25 x 9.2 x 9.7 feet

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IRON KIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground

This is designed very differently than many other outdoor playsets for residential spaces. 

It’s being sold more as a fitness equipment for kids more than just a play equipment (largely due to the presence of a jumper trampoline).

It looks great and many parents love it which is why it’s included on this recommended list of playsets. 

Size13.5L x 10.3 W x 8 H

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Swing Set


Here’s another small playset that is full of activities for kids to engage in. It has swings, slide and a seesaw (a nice touch as many backyard playsets do not have this). Made by Flexible Flyer, it can hold a maximum of 630 pounds, is very easy to put together and is durable too. Size12.7″ long x 10.2″ wide x 6″

The Best Outdoor Wooden Playsets For Small Yards

Having a small backyard should not prevent your family from enjoying wooden swing sets. There are many swing set designs that are great space savers and fit well in small spaces.

Here are some of the best wooden swing sets for small yards that we have found.

So if you’re looking for a playground for small backyards, these playsets are well worth the look.

Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wooden Playset: A Small Swing Set With Slide And Monkey Bars

Chesapeake Wooden Swing Set - Complete Set. With a climber.

One of the top-rated wooden playsets for small yards is theSwing N Slide Chesapeake Wooden Playset (Ready To Assemble Kit).It has two play decks and heavy duty swing sets that can take up to 250 lbs.

It’s a kit that’s very easy to put up and already comes with everything you need to install in your backyard.

It has an award-winning Rapid-LOC bracket system which will help you save time and make the set-up very much easier.

This multi-activity playset is perfect for children who like a lot of different things to entertain them.

Not only is this a small swing set with slide and monkey bars, but it also has a climbing rock wall, a picnic table and a club house.

Once fully assembled its dimensions are: 15 feet 11 inch W x 15 feet 11 inch L x 10 feet 3 inch H .

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Backyard Discovery Cedar Playset: Double Swing Set with Small Footprint

Backyard Discovery All Cedar Playset. with swings, bench slide.

The Backyard Discovery All Cedar Playset with a dimension of 129 x 183 x 106 inches is another compact playset to fit small backyards.

This is the best swing set for the money. It’s budget friendly and has a lot of different features that little monkeys love to play in.

It has two-belt swings and a trapeze. There is also a covered upper deck that children can get to using the ladder or its rock wall handles.

For a little bit of downtime, there is a snack area under the little house .

This is one of the top-rated swing set made by Backyard Discovery because of its price and size.

A speedy slide completes the play set.

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Swing N Slide Winchester Small Backyard Wooden Swing Set with a Slide and Climbing Wall

Swing N Slide Winchester Wooden Playset

Swing N Slide Winchester Wood Playsethas three large play decks.

This is slightly bigger than the other swing sets above.

It’s  about 32 sq. ft.  and is one of the best rated wooden playsets for small backyards.


Because it has some of the coolest activity features for a small swing set. For one, it has a spacious playhouse complete with a “roof” and windows. Apart from a regular swing, it also has a glider swing.

And that’s not all.

It also has a climbing rock wall, a picnic table and a lot of space underneath it for some creative play.

Its assembled dimensions total 19 Feet Length x 9 Feet Width x 10 Feet Height .

See how cool this looks in your backyard.

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Check out 10+ swing sets that feature double slides, turbo tube slides, different types of swings and more! and if you want a simple wooden swing set that only has swings, you’ll find it here too! 
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More Play Structures For Small Yards: Simple & Compact Swing Sets

Swing N Slide Orbiter Swing Set With Just Swings

Swing n slide's Orbiter Swing set. great for small backyards. Summer toy list.

Swing n slide  has a few small outdoor swing sets for small yards.

This one, however is one that many parents are very happy with.

It includes 2 swings and a trapeze swing. It is designed for children 2 – 10 years old.

Very reasonably priced too.  Very highly rated and listed in Amazon’s 2016 Summer Toys List.

Made in the USA

Size: 9.5 X 8 X 7 feet

Cedarworks Frolics 8 Swing Set For Small Backyards

If you want the cream of the crop, then look no further than Cedarworks playsets.

They’re made of high quality wood, designed exquisitely and would look good in any backyard too.

They’re all made in the USA and can be customized.

The Cedarworks Frolic 8 can hold the weight of both children and adults. This is a premium playset at a premium price. Expect to spend $1000 upwards for this. Size:  13′ wide x 14′ deep x 11′ high

Budget-friendly, Value for Money Small Swing Sets For Small Yards

If you’re on a tight budget or you don’t need all the bells and whistles in the small outdoor playsets we featured thus far, don’t go yet.

Because just coming now are small swing sets for small yards that despite their low-cost are durable, well-made and offer a lot of fun and outdoor exercise for your kids.

Many of these playsets are made of metal/steel and are highly recommended by parents who have bought it.

IronKids Challenge 300 Outside Swing Set

This is an action-packed swing set and with very unique features, too!

In fact, this isn’t just a swing set, it’s a fun exercise “gym” for kids when they go outside.

It has a monkey bar, 2 swings, a rope climber frame and a slide.

Don’t worry about high temperatures with this swing set. It has a canopy that protects your children from the harsh rays of the sun.

And if they’re extremely hot and want to cool off a bit, this also comes with a detachable mist sprayer which sprays water to all parts of the playset.

You can connect it to any external water faucet or water hose.

See all the unique features here.

  • overall dimension: 6′ 3” H x 12′ 10” W x 8′ 1” D
  • width without the slide: 72.5
  • overall weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • swing weight capacity: 80 lbs.

Sportspower First Swing Set: Simple Playset For 3 – 8 Year Old Kids

Here’s a compact and simple playset that your child can grow into.

It’s a good starter set that can last for many years. This is the perfect size for 3 Year old toddlers and older kids up to 8 years old.

This metal swing set can hold up to 6 children and has an overall weight capacity of 600 lbs.

As for the activities that children can do here:

There are two swings, a metal trapeze bar, a teeter-totter station and a slide.

A unique feature of this swing set with a small footprint are the paddings on the legs of the swing. This gives you extra assurance of your kids safety

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XDP Swinging Again Swing Set

The XDP Swinging Again playset is a very small and compact swing set that’s great for 3 years old to 8 years old.

It’s a simple and “old-school” type of backyard play structure that children tend to gravitate to.

With the three different activities they can do here, they sure are going to spend a lot of time in the backyard.

I especially love the sleek look of this small swing set – Instead of the usual bright primary colors, the metal frame has black and gray color. Looks very nice.

From reading customer reviews, this is one of the few swing sets, that is very easy to put up and assemble.

Check it out here.