Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau Playset ii –

The Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau Playset ii is a pine-cedar wood swing set which comes with many different play features such as a slide and climbing rock. The wood used are all factory-stained and sealed.



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  • Cedar with Amber finish
  • Slide, poles and swing frames in green

The Chateau Playset ii has 4 different kinds of roofs to choose from

  • wood roof
  • green vinyl canopy
  • sunbrella canopy canvas forest green
  • sunbrella canopy weston ginger

What Is Included In The Gorilla Blue Ridge Swing Set?

  • Wave slide
  • rock wall with climbing roope
  • 2 belt swings
  • trapeze swing
  • rope ladder
  • sandbox
  • picnic table with attached bench
    • steering wheel
    • play telescope
    • flags

How Big Is The Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau Playset ii?


  • width of 19 feet, length of 15 feet
  • height from ground to the top at 11 feet
  • Needs a foot zone of 21 x 25 feet
gorilla blue ridge chateau size

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Arrival And Delivery

If you order online, the Gorilla Blue ridge chateau will usually arrive in 6 different boxes. They’re heavy (776 pounds) so be prepared to help or have another person or two to assist in moving the boxes to your yard.


Gorilla says it takes 6 – 8 hours to put the Blue ridge chateau swing set together. In reality, it may just take more than that. So don’t be hard on yourself if it takes you 12 hours or even a day or two to put this thing together. Many others have been down the same road before

Here are some tips on Assembly

  • Make sure you have  level ground.
  • You may be Mr/Mrs. Handyman who doesn’t usually need to look at instructions to put things together. But if you don’t want any trouble, then make sure you do an inventory of all the parts when they arrive. There are a lot and knowing that you have all the necessary nuts and bolts is going to give you peace of mind. Plus it takes a few days for the company to send you any missing pieces in case there is one.

If  there are any missing parts, call Gorilla Playsets customer support at

(800) 882-0272

Play Features

blue ridge chateau deck
Play Deck, Wooden House or Club House

The play deck is about 4 x 6 feet big and is at a 5-foot high. Children can reach it by using the rope, the ladder or the rock wall. Weight capacity of 800 lbs.

Swing Sets

For your child’s safety, the swing chains come with a sturdy plastic and powdered-coated chains to stop them from tangling or pinching little fingers. Weight limit:175 lbs.

  • 10 feet long
  • Weight limit:125 lbs.
blue ridge chateaut swing

Made of pine which have been poly-coated, making them strong and maintenance free

  • All rounded edges

The Canopies

As mentioned above there are four different roof/canopies to choose from. Here are images of what the wood/fabric look like

Warranty:  Limited warranty.  10 years for structural wood components and 1 year for for all other accessories like hardware, tarps, rope ladder, etc

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