Big Backyard Swing Sets

With a bigger space, your choice of playsets significantly increase. There are many different designs and swing sets now available. The first thing you need to think about is to decide what material you want to use.  Wood or metal?

High Quality Best Selling Big Backyard Swing Sets

Wood Swing Sets

Wooden swing sets have recently experienced a resurgence. They look sleek and usually blend in with many backyards quite nicely.  Cedar, the wood often used in these playsets also last for many years when properly maintained. There are some wood swing kits that are made of pine — these are popular too as they are significantly more affordable than cedar or red wood. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.
Skyfort ii All-Cedar Play Set


Bestselling Skyfort ii cedar playset is a little playhouse with attached accessories for various play activities. The cedar club house is the main feature of this big backyard swing set. At 59″ x 50″, it offers enough space for kids to play and stand on. But that’s not just the end of this. From out of this elevated club house is a covered porch area, a crow’s nest and a sun deck. Now this isn’t short on activities either. There are two swings, a glider, monkey bars, slide, & rock wall. Dimension: 276 x 204 x 144 inches


 Skyfort All-Cedar Play Set

Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau Playset


This big backyard swing set looks a little simpler than the Skyfort ii above, but children love it just as much. It’s just the right size for small kids and give them enough activities to do. It’s an attractive looking swing set that’s made of strong durable materials with some interesting accessories too. Awarded Best Buy by Consumer Digest, the Blue Ridge Chateau ii includes a wave slide, rock wall, rope ladder, trapeze and belt swings, built in picnic table and a sandpit. Dimension: 15′ x 19′


 Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II Playset

Backyard Discovery Saratoga Swing Set


Backyard Discovery makes many different wooden play sets and one of the more popular ones is the Saratoga Swing set. With a ground dimension of 18′ 4″L x 12′ 8″ W x 16′ H. It has both an upper and lower play deck with activities such as a snack bench, slide, monkey bar, glider, 2 and 2 swings. One of the unique characteristics of the Saratoga swing set is that the clubhouse is on the ground. With its doors and windows, it is a perfect playhouse that many children will surely appreciate. Good value for money


 Backyard Discovery – Saratoga Cedar Swing Set – 30011

Metal Swing Sets For Big Yards

Metal swing sets may not hold the same prestige that wood playsets have but there are actually some very good sets out there that are made to last for a long time. Many of these swing sets are also made for older kids unlike many wooden sets which are usually limited to younger kids.  Another advantage of metal swing sets is that they are much easier to put together than their wooden counterparts.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy SlideThis may look pretty basic and minimalistic but if you’ve got older kids, they are going to love this big backyard swing sets. This could provide them all the exercise they need for the day with all the available activities such as the monkey bar and the trapeze bar. What makes the Lifetime Monkey bar adventure swing set even more popular to parents is that this playset grows with the kid. You have a 7 year old who plays on this? You can be sure that he/she is still going to play on this one when he’s much older. Very strong and durable. Made to last for years. 

 Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play setHere’s another free standing swing set from Lifetime that many parents are very happy with as well. Available in earth tone colors, this playset can fit very well in many backyards. It is made of strong steel construction with a swing bar that includes belt swings, trapeze bar and gym rings. It also has a big slide, a propeller swing and a climbing frame. Dimensions: 13′ 11″ x 15′ 9′ 

 Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set

Kettler TrimmStation Swing SetIf you want not just a play equipment but also one that would get the children fit, then you might just want to consider buying the Kettler Trimmstation swing set. This is one durable metal swing set with activities that are made to get your kids fit and trim. It has vertical ladder, monkey bars, board swing, pull-up bar, and climbing rope — you can also separately buy a baby swing set if you want the tiny little ones to enjoy playing on this one too. 

 Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set

Are these swing sets for big yards still a bit too small for your liking? Well, here are some even bigger swing sets that would look grand in many big backyards.

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