Best Wooden Swing Sets Made Of Quality Wood And Have Great Designs

It’s time. It’s time for your little one to have his/her own swing set in the garden.

There are many different kinds of playsets to choose from but the most popular are wooden swing sets made of good quality wood. These swing sets is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.
  • look good in the backyard
  • are durable
  • grows with your child.
wood swing set

There are many different kinds of wood used in wood swing sets for sale. These are typically pine, cedar or redwood. Pine is the cheapest option but it doesn’t last as long as the two hard woods, cedar and redwood. There aren’t many pine wood sets for sale nowadays.

What Type Of Wooden Swing Set Do You Want In Your Backyard?

You probably already have an idea in your head as to what type of wooden swing set you would like for your child. That’s great. All you have to do now is pick one of the good quality wood swing sets we feature below and find one that you like the best.

However, if you haven’t, here are some things to think about before buying your very first backyard swing.

  1. Measure the size of your backyard. This is important. You need enough space not only for the swing but for your child to play around in as well. With this space measured, you can easily narrow down which swing set to buy when you go to the shop or when you pick one online.
  2. Do you want a simple design or one with additional play accessories like a slide, monkey bars or  a playhouse

Classic Swing Sets

For small yards, you may have to limit yourself to a classic swing set. These are swing sets as we know them. They have a wooden frame with swings hanging from it. No frills and yet just as fun. Here are some of the good quality ones we have found.

Eastern Jungle Gym Classic Cedar Swing SetMade of good quality cedar, this is one of the bestselling wooden playsets. If you’re a little bit apprehensive about the time and effort needed to put together a swing in your backyard, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have that problem with this easy to assemble set.

Gorilla Playsets Standing Swing SetThis is made of pine but I’ve included it on this list as Gorilla playsets is one of the known brands in backyard play equipment. This is also a good swing set for small yards.

Congo Swing SetThis is wood with a plastic coating, thus the green color of the set. This may not be to some people’s taste but customers like it because of its compact size and durability features.

Wood Swing Sets With Swing And Slide

Many wood swing sets usually come with an accessory, which at the very least is usually a slide. It’s a great addition to a backyard playset and gives some variation for kids to play with too.

Andorra Swing SetSimple looking swing set with slide and a ladder. There is also enough space to build/make a sand pit if you want. Made of good quality exterior grade cedar wood.

Swing N slide Mckinley wood PlaysetSwing N Slide brings this stained lumber with a pretty cool looking slide. 2 swing sets for older kids as well as a ring trapeze is also included.

Wooden Swing Sets For Big Spaces

If you have a much bigger backyard space, then you might want to have a look at these high quality wood swing sets that take backyard toys to a whole new level. These swings sets made of wood do not only include a slide but other features as well such as a jungle gym, playhouses, climbing frames, tunnels and more.  These are really more like a complete play set rather than just a swing set.


Backyard Discovery Cedar Swing SetA sleek looking cedar swing set. Good quality wood beautifully molded together to make this backyard playset that many kids will no doubt love to play in. This cedar swing set includes swings, playhouse, ladder, monkey bar and play deck. There’s even a bench with a canopy for those days when you just need a place for a little picnic . This is is high quality equipment with a lot of different play features. Good value for money

Swing N slide ChesapeakeHere’s a ready to assemble swing set kit. . It’s a complete play set that comes with a monkey bar, swing sets and picnic table and climbing frames. Both young and older kids are sure going to enjoy this playset.

Swing N slide Southhampton Swing SetThis is another one of Swing N slide’s wooden swing sets for sale. It’s bigger than the Chesapeake one above and features a pretty cool tunnel twister slide and one normal slide. It has lots of different play areas for more than one child to play in. And like other Swing n slide designs are very easy to put together. Made of premium stained pre cut lumber

Highlander Cedar PlaysetA lot of you have inquired about cedar wood play sets. Cedar is definitely one of the most coveted material when it comes to wood swing sets. And this one from Highlander is a very highly rated one that you might just want to have a look at. As a mom, I like the kid-friendly viewing walls so that it’s easy to see exactly what my little kids are up to.

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