SR Smith Vortex Water Slide Specs, Pictures, and Videos


For high end residential spaces or commercial uses, the SR Smith Vortex water Slide is a good choice. It’s Vortex’ top of the line swimming pool slide and would look good in any big backyard. And of course, children will have fun on it too. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.
sr smith interfab vortex pool slide

There are a few choices you need to make when you buy the Vortex Slide by Sr Smith. First, you need to decide whether to have a ladder or spiral staircase. You also need to decide whether to get an open or closed Flume.

S R Smith Vortex Pool Slide Specifications

Available in two different colors: note: the color shade may vary due to different color resolutions of computers

gray granite
Gray Granite
Vortex Blue

Sr Smith Vortex Pool Slides Dimensions

The height of the Vortex Pool Slide is 10′ 7″ (7’6″ to the seat).  It has a 19′ long flume that’s 32 inches wide. It weighs over 325 pounds.

Required Deck Space:

  • 9’2″ x 11’4″ (with staircase)
  • 9′ x 9′ (with ladder)
  • Maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs.

Shipping Info:

The package arrive in two pallets with a combined shipping weight of 1350-1860 lbs.  The pallets measure (may vary depending on where you buy it from) 57″L x 128″W x 72″H for the first pallet and 39″L x 150″W x 48″H for the second pallet.

Model Nos. And Weights

Open Flume With Ladder, Blue

695-209-131350 lbs

Open Flume With Ladder, Gray Granite

695-209-1241350 lbs

Closed Flume with ladder, Blue

695-209-231500 lbs

Closed Flume with Ladder, Gray Granite

695-209-2241500 lbs

Open Flume with Staircase, Blue

695-209-331710 lbs

Open Flume with Staircase, Gray Granite

695-209-3241710 lbs

Closed flume with staircase, Blue

695-209-431860 lbs

Closed flume with staircase, Gray Granite

695-209-4241860 lbs

The Ladders

The ladders are enclosed for maximum safety. They’re shaped in a semi circular hybrid made of HDPE weather slip resistant surface. The steps are spaced 7.5 inches and 9 inches deep.

The Flume

The flume is made of roto-molded polyethylene. It is 19-foot long and has a 360 degree corsksrew style. This can be either closed or open.

sr smith vortex flume

S R Smith Vortex Slide Pictures

Here are some pictures of the SR Smith Vortex slide for inground pools.

sr smith vortex ladder

Vortex Pool Slide Best Price

We’ve scoured the web and found these different places to buy S R smith Vortex pool slide at the best price. The price can range from $13000 to $18,000 so it’s well-worth it to visit these places. Some of these shops also offer monthly payment so worth checking all of them out to see if you qualify. (as of April 2014 – price tends to go up towards the summer season)

Sr Smith Vortex Slide Videos

Now see the Sr Smith Vortex Water Slides for inground pools in videos.

Here’s the first promotional video giving you a clearer picture of what you get when you buy the Sr Smith Vortex Slide. A 360 degree look.

Now if you need some info on how difficult/easy it is to install the slide, here’s a video that details exactly how the Vortex Pool slide is installed (hint: it needs more than 1 person)

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