Perfect Slides for Inground Pools to Fit Your Style & Budget

You’re ready to give your inground pool slides a fresh, stylish look. What an exciting time. With all the latest tech and features available, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

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  1. Pool Slides for Small Backyard Spaces
  2. Large Inground Pool Slides for Pool Owners With a Big Backyard Swimming Pool
  3. Inflatable Slides
  4. Rigid Slides: SR Smith to Interfab Equivalents
  5. Features to Consider Before You Buy a Slide for Inground Pools
Inground pool slides for small yards from the best slide maker. If you have a small yard with a pool, check out one of these pool slides for small yards.

Finding the best swimming pool slide for your backyard oasis can be a challenge, especially when space is limited. But there are still plenty of attractive options for your backyard inground pool area, even with minimal deck space.

These small slides for pools often have a water supply system that creates a slippery sliding experience. The water supply can be set up in different ways such as:

  • Garden hose attachment
  • Dedicated water line using the pool’s existing plumbing system
  • Integrated water delivery system, which often includes a built-in reservoir and a pump

Check out all our top picks below

S.R. Smith Cyclone Pool Slide

The Cyclone is a compact slide designed to fit in smaller spaces so it’s an attractive option for homeowners with limited space for their backyard pool slides. It requires a deck space of only 6’8″ x 5’6″.

With a height of 4 feet and a flume length of 6’10”, it offers hours of entertainment for both kids and adults. It’s also designed for straightforward assembly and with installation instructions that make it quick and easy for a pool installer to assemble.

It is available in 3 different colors: Sandstone, gray granite, and taupe. It’s also saltwater pool friendly. 

Check it out at Amazon

S.R. Smith HeliX2 Pool Slide

One look at the S.R. Smith HeliX2 Pool Slide and you know it’s got an elegant and unique design. The 360-degree spiral-shaped flume makes it a great addition to any contemporary poolscape. Because it’s small, you also get the feeling that it looks great without drawing too much attention to itself.

The HeliX2 Pool slide requires a deck space of only 9’ 6” x 4’ 7” making it perfect for small yards. Its height is 6’ 6” which gives you that thrilling sliding ride.

You can pick from a few color options to match your backyard: gray granite, solid gray, sandstone, and taupe.

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Large Inground Pool Slides

for larger pools

Large inground pool slides can really transform your swimming area into a thrilling space for hours of everyday summer fun. Here are some impressive large inground pool slides of the finest quality with modern designs that will turn your backyard into a mini water park.

These big pool slides all need a minimum deck space of 11 feet x 4 inches with the biggest one requiring a deck space of 14′ 6″ x 8′ 0″.

SR Smith Turbo Twister Slide

This swimming pool slide requires the biggest deck space which is 13’6″ x 6’7″. The water chute/flume from one end to the other measures 14′ 4″ long so It’s not the longest on this list. The Turbo Twister is one of the most popular slides from SR Smith. With a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, the slide has curves and dips that are surely going to bring a lot of endless summer fun for the whole family.

For the S.R. Smith Turbo Twister pool slide, you can choose between a left curve or a right curve. Choose from two color options: gray granite and sandstone.

S.R. Smith Rogue2 Slide

The SR Smith Rogue2 Slide is over 8 feet tall with a seat height of 6’ 4”. It also has a wide flume with high walls

The flume is 9′ 3″ long. It has a vintage look and is one of the easiest slides to assemble. Available in four different colors (white, taupe, blue, and grey) — so it can easily match the landscaping and look of your backyard pool.

If you’re looking for Inter-Fab Water Pool Slides (which has been acquired by S.R. Smith), the Rogue2 Pool Slide is the equivalent of Inter-Fab’s Wild Ride slide.

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SR Smith Rogue 2 Slide set up in the backyard blue color

S.R. Smith Typhoon slide

The S.R. Smith Typhoon Pool Slide has the same features as the Turbo Twister and can carry just as much weight. The flume also has exciting curves and deeps too. However, this needs a smaller space at only 11’8″ x 4′.

  • Fits salt water pool types of pool

S.R. Smith Big Ride


The Big Ride is not very high at 5′ 6″ but the flume is long at 17′. Also, it is deep and a cascade of water flows through it making it look more like a waterfall in your backyard. Available in Pewter gray and Taupe, it easily blends in too. Weight limit: 250 lbs/ 113 kg.

S.R. Smith Vortex Slide

inground pool slides

One look at S.R. Smith’s Vortex pool slide and you know the whole family is going to have hours of backyard entertainment. The slide twists with 19′ long flume and stands 10′ 7″ high. The flume can either be opened or covered. This is also the slide that can hold the highest maximum capacity of 325 pounds. Available in blue and gray granite and requires a deck space of 9’2″ x 11’4″.

Portable Inflatable Pool Slides
for Inground Pools Under $500

Inflatable pool slides offer an easier and more budget-friendly solution to add some fun to your home swimming pool. They also provide easy setup and storage when it’s time to winterize your pool. They’re not as sturdy or as permanent as the product types by famous brands like S.R. Smith, but kids still love these inflatable slides, providing countless hours of fun for your whole family.

Here are some of the best inflatable slides to elevate your backyard pool experience. The product sizes of these types of slides are also perfect for both inground and above-ground pools.

Intex Inflatable Slide with Repair Kit

This is Intex’s popular inflatable slide but sold in a package with a repair kit. This is perfect for a pool for kids. And because it comes in a 2-pack package, you can have a backup so your house’s hours of backyard entertainment never end.

This product is also ideal if you’re having a house party. You could set them up side-by-side to create a mini water park experience in your backyard.

  • 5 separate air chambers for extra durability
  • Accepts a garden hose for built-in sprayers to keep the waterslide surface wet and fun

Intex Kool Splash Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide

  • designed to accommodate users with a maximum weight capacity of 176 lbs (80 kg)
  • can be quickly inflated and deflated for hassle-free setup and convenient storage
  • the built-in sprayers can be directly attached to your garden hose


Inflatable inground pool slide in red and white with a girl getting ready to cclimb up the slide get into the water.

Rigid Slides: SR Smith to Interfab Equivalents

Since S.R. Smith’s acquisition of Inter-Fab in 2018, it appears that Inter-Fab inground pool slides are no longer in production, which means that support may be limited. If you’re considering purchasing one, it’s best to explore S.R. Smith equivalents. Alternatively, you may be able to find older Inter-Fab models at local dealers who can still offer the services you need

S.R. Smith equivalents

City 2Rogue2
G-Force 2heliX2
White WaterCyclone (Right Curve Only)
Wild RideTyphoon or Rogue2
X-Stream 2Typhoon

Beginners Guide To Buying A Slide for Inground Pools

Your taste and style will highly influence how you modernize your existing inground pool with a slide.

You’ll also need to consider your budget and space limitations, of course, but ultimately, you want your inground pool slide to suit your taste.

Types of Swimming Pool Slides

There are different types of swimming pool slides to modernize your existing pool. Let’s explore what these are:

Drop-in slides

Drop-in slides for inground pools are pre-fabricated and often come in a variety of shapes and color choices. They’re stand-alone units that you buy ready to install. S.R. Smith, Inter-Fab, Aqua Actions Slides, and Blue Wave are some of the companies that make the finest quality drop-in slides.

The downside with these slides is that they’re a bit less customizable, so you’ll see to it that they’re compatible with your pool.

There are many different types of drop-in slides to suit different types of backyard pools. For example, you can get the S.R. Smith Typhoon if you have a limited pool deck space. The S.R. Smith Cyclone Pool Slide for small pools. Or the Rogue2 Pool Slide to give your backyard pool experience a retro feel.

Inflatable Slides

If you want removable pool slides that are budget-friendly, inflatable pool slides will best suit your needs. These portable slides are usually inflatable and made of strong puncture-resistant material. The best part? You can easily put them away when you winterize your inground pool. However, they do not offer the same stability as drop-in slides or other more permanent options. Many of these are also not suitable for larger or heavier users.

Custom Pool Slides

For homeowners who want a unique slide, custom-built inground pool slides are the way to go. These inground pools blend seamlessly into your backyard oasis. However, they usually cost more as the installation process may be more complex and your pool builder may need to source specialized materials or work with a designer.

Latest Technology and Features: Slides for Inground Pools

You might think that inground pool slides couldn’t get any better, but manufacturers are continuously introducing new technology and features that not only enhance your backyard’s aesthetics but also improve the overall slide experience for everyone.

These new exciting products aim to:

  • Provide smoother and faster rides
  • Reduce the risk of accidents or injuries
  • Offer materials that are durable
  • Use materials that reduce your environmental footprint

Also, having modern inground pool slides which have the latest modern technology increases your property’s overall value, too.

Eco-friendly materials

With climate change increasingly becoming a concern for many, many pool slide manufacturers are increasingly using environmentally-friendly materials in their products. For example, some slides are now made from UV-resistant polyethylene or recyclable stainless steel. These eco-friendly materials reduce the environmental impact and increase the slide’s lifespan. Also, these materials are not only durable but also resist fading and corrosion so your slide keeps looking good as new even as time passes.

Advanced water delivery systems

When you have a water slide, you’d want the water to have a consistent flow which helps reduce friction. With advanced water delivery systems, manufacturers also make sure that you’re using water efficiently, too. So you’re not only having a good slide experience but also using a water feature ensures that use water efficiently.

  1. S.R. Smith TurboTwister: The TurboTwister features a patented Vortex water delivery system that evenly distributes gallons of water throughout the slide’s flume which gives it consistent water flow. This means a smooth ride for the users.
  2. S.R. Smith heliX2: Like the TurboTwister, the heliX2 also uses S.R. Smith’s patented Vortex water delivery system. Because the Helix2 has a 360-degree turn, you do want to have a consistent water flow while using it

Inground Pool Slides Safety Guidelines

Like anything related to having a swimming pool in your backyard, maximum safety is most likely your primary concern. What mandatory safety standards should you start thinking about? How do you know what are the safest products to buy? Which ones are CPSC-compliant pool slides? These are perfectly valid questions. But first, let’s explore what you should look for.

  1. Buy a product that complies with CPSC: Choose an in-ground pool slide that complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines to ensure that it meets essential safety standards. Some examples are the S.R. Smith TurboTwister or the Inter-Fab Adrenaline.
  2. Check for mandatory safety standards: Confirm that the pool slide adheres to safety standards set by organizations such as the CPSC, ASTM International, and ANSI. For instance, the S.R. Smith heliX2 slide meets ASTM F1148 safety standards for home playground equipment.
  3. Follow safety guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and installation manual. Some safety guidelines include ensuring proper water depth at the slide’s exit, having a secure way to anchor the slide to the pool deck, and ensuring that any hoses used to supply water to your slide are positioned away from where users walk.
  4. Look for non-slip surfaces and sturdy handrails: Opt for pool slides that feature non-slip surfaces and sturdy handrails, such as the Inter-Fab X-Stream 2 slide, which offers molded-in handrails and a slip-resistant surface for added safety.
  5. Prioritize child safety features: Choose slides with child safety features like removable ladders or lockable access. Consider height and depth as these may affect the recommended age range and weight capacity for users. Smaller slides designed for children like inflatable slides will have a lower weight limit than larger slides intended for adults.
  6. Implement pool area safety measures: Equip your inground pool area with proper safety measures, such as fencing, alarms, and self-latching gates. Use a pool safety fence like the Life Saver Pool Fence to prevent unauthorized access, especially for children.

Questions About Pool Slides

How much does an inground pool slide cost?

The cost of an inground pool slide can vary depending on the type of slide and its features. Typically, a basic inflatable slide can cost anywhere from $200 to $500. A good-quality drop-in slide costs anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500. However, more advanced slides can cost upwards of $10,000.

Can I install an inground pool slide myself?

It is generally not recommended to install an inground pool slide yourself. Installation requires a professional installer to ensure the slide is properly anchored to the pool deck and meets safety standards.

What is the weight limit for a pool slide?

This depends on the type and design of the slide. For example, the Intext Inflatable slide has a weight limit recommendation of 176 pounds while the SR Smith Turbo Twister has a 275 lbs. weight limit.

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