Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs Pump 3HP 11017

pentair intelliflo vs + svrs pool pump

There’s one big feature that separates the Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs pump from the rest of the Intelliflo models. And you can see it right there in the pump’s name (although not so obviously if you don’t know what the SVRS acronym mean)..

This pump is the first swimming pool pump that has a built it safety mechanism that automatically shuts itself off when it detects that there is a blockage in the system. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

What Does This Mean To You?

You know all those “horror” stories we hear of drowning accidents caused by swimming pool pumps? Well, the Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs pump model can HELP in preventing this from happening. Basically what happens is that it provides an entrapment protection*. When it feels a blockage, it shuts off thereby stopping the strong suction.

What makes this feature even better is that you cannot turn this feature off. If it is disabled, the pump will not run. Pretty nifty huh?

And Other Intelliflo Features Covered Too!

It has a safety mechanism. but the story doesn’t stop there. This pool pump as you can see in this Pentair Intelliflo pump comparison of models also have the other features Pentair variable speed pumps are known for:

  • It’s an energy saving pump
    Expect to save as much as 70% off your pool energy bill.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • Longer life span
    Everything about the Intelliflo variable speed pumps are designed so that they last for a long time. The motor has less heat and vibration making it less susceptible to wear and tear. It protects itself from freezing in cold climates and it detects voltage irregularities.All these features protect it from any premature pump damage.

Intelliflo vs+svrs Pump Features

  • Speed can be programmed depending on what equipment you’re using be they for filtering, cleaning, heating or getting the spa jets to work. Different speeds for different functions. Maximum efficiency
  • SVRS model complies with Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act.
  • Protects itself from overheating, freezing, priming protection
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum speeds on SVRS model so IntelliPro will only operate within the ranges set to help assure safe operation and long life
  • NSF Certified, UL and ETL listed as an ASME A112.19.17.2002 Device

*Disclaimer: The Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs pump does have an entrapment protection and it HELPS with preventing such accidents from happening. But YOU still need to employ necessary safety procedures in your household specially when there are small kids around the pool all the time.



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