Pentair Intelliflo VF High Performance Pump 11012

intelliflo vf high performance pump

Think of the Pentair Intelliflo VF high performance pump as a pump with artificial intelligence. It has a built-in computer system that automatically changes the speed and flow of your pool’s circulation system so that it is always running at optimum speed.

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Program. Set. Go..

The Pentair Intelliflo Variable Flow (vf) pump “changed all the rules”.  There’s no hassle in getting this to work properly. All you need to do is to initially program it. Input the size of your pool and how many turnovers it needs daily and you’re good to go. The pump will automatically calculate what the most efficient flow rate is.

Note: There’s all the feature to manually control the operation if you want to do so.

Peace and Quiet Once Again (And THAT Neighbor Should Stop Complaining!)

Intelliflo is known for its quiet operation. And this model lives well to that expectation. At low speeds, you could hardly hear it running. You will have to go near it if you’re missing that humming noise a pool pump makes 🙂 . However, expect it to get louder at higher speeds but it’s still not as loud as many other pumps in the market.

Do you need to run the Pentair Intelliflo VF pump together with spa jets, Waterfalls and other water features?

Lucky You…

But seriously, this is not going to be a problem at all. This all intelligent spa will understand all your needs and recalculate itself for every different equipment that it needs to work with. By doing so, the pump will always be running at optimum level and we know that only means lesser electricity bills.

Pentair Intelliflo VF Pump Motor

The motor of the Intellifo VF is encased in a protective covering that protects it from the elements and also helps make it run quietly. It has a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, similar to the ones in hybrid cars which makes it run as efficiently as possible.

Pump Specifications

  • this Pentair intelliflo pump sizes itself to any pool
  • Protects against loss of prime or flow blockage
  • Prevents thermal overload
  • Detects and prevents damage from under and over voltage conditions
  • Protects against freezing
  • Can communicate with an IntelliTouch or IntelliComm system via a two-wire connection
  • Built-in strainer pot and volute
  • Ultra energy-efficient TEFC Square Flange Motor
  • Compatibility with most cleaning systems, filters, and jet action spas
  • 16-button LCD control panel
  • Internal 24-hour clock for setting controlled on/off times for filtering and up to ten water features
  • UL listed

The Pentair Intelliflo VF In Action

Watch the Intelliflo VF prime up and then clean a pool with a little algae problem.

Intelliflo VF High Performance Pump Price:

This is more expensive than the basic Pentair Variable speed programmable pump we featured earlier. At time of writing, the price ranges from $1235 to $ 1700. And remember to check if your electric company can offer rebates on this equipment.

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