Pentair Intelliflo Pump Comparison And Spec Sheet

pentair intelliflo pump comparison

The Pentair Intelliflo pump series is currently one of the best selling top of the line pumps for inground pools. They are highly regarded for their energy efficiency, quietness and safety.

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  • IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump
  • IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Variable Speed Pumps
  • IntelliFlo VF High Performance Pump
  • IntelliFloXF Variable Speed Pump
  • IntelliFlo i1 Variable Speed Pump

What The Letters Stand For

Confused as to what all these letters mean?

VS : Variable Speed
SVRS: Safety Vacuum Release System
VF: Variable Flow

Pentair Intelliflo Pump Comparison By Model

Here is a quick spec sheet and Pentair Intelliflo pump comparison to help you decide which pump to buy for your pool.

IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump 011018
Pentair Pump-programmable speed setting
- 8 programmable speed settings
- 3hp
- Bestselling intelliflo variable speed pump
- Latest variable speed pump with Intelliflo design
- Quiet at around 45 decibels
- Customizable pump speeds
IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Variable Speed Pump 11017
- Built-in safety vacuum release system to automatically detect drain blockage and shut the pump off
- Different pump speeds for different equipment (such as heating, waterfalls, spa, etc.
- helps prevent suction entrapment
- replaces 3hp or smaller pumps
IntelliFlo VF High Performance Pump 11012
- automatically adjusts water flow and electrical current
IntelliFloXF Variable Speed Pump 023005
Pentair Intelliflo XF
- Pentair’s highest efficiency pump
- Eco Select range
IntelliFlo i1 Variable Speed Pump 011008
Pentair Intelliflo i1
- for pool owners who have restricted flow rate regulations in their area

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