Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System Swimming Pool Chlorinator

The Recommended Intex Pool Pump For Above Ground Pools

For big inground pools, the Hayward Super Pump is a good affordable one to buy. However, if you’re upgrading an above ground pool’s pump, then the Intex Krystal Clear saltwater system will make your life as a pool owner much easier.

Changing an above ground pools water circulation system by using the saltwater system means you don’t have to regularly deal with chemicals to treat the water. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

All you need is this saltwater system, bags of salt and you’re sorted.

Gentle On Your Skin

If the lessened work involved is not enough to convince you to use a saltwater system, then perhaps the gentle water might. You know how your skin always feels sticky and smelly when you get out of your traditonal pool? Well, not with the saltwater system. It’s also good for your swimming clothes too – none of those yellow stains in your childrens clothing during the swimming season.

Ready For Use In Your Above Ground Pool

Many of Intex’ above ground pool can be converted to use the saltwater system.

Here’s a video of an above ground pool pump with a saltwater system and what the owner thinks about it.

Comparison of Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

Bear in mind that these Saltwater system needs a Intex filter pump to run. If you don’t have one, buy the saltwater and filter pump combo. If your pool already has one, then the stand alone saltwater system is sufficient.

Sand is often not included in these purchases as well. The sand you need depends on how big your pool is.

Name (all new models with Electrocatalytic oxidation)FeaturesPool Water In Gal.Filter Pump Flow Rate
Intex Krystal Clear Salt System E.C.O ,(electro catalytic oxidation)
Model No: 28669EGup to 15,000 gal700-3,000 gph (2,650 – 11,355L/hr)
Intex Krystal Clear Salt System  (ECO)
Model No:
ECO 7110 & ECO 8110
up to 7,000 gal (26,500L)between 700-3,000 gph (2,650 – 11,355L/hr)
Intex 120V Krystal Clear Saltwater System (ECO System)
Model No:
28679EG16 and No.34; Tank diameter; 0.95 hp motor; Pump flow rate 2650 gph. System flow rate 2150 gph
 4,800 to 15,000 Gallon Capacitycombo set of sand filter pump and saltwater system

Intex 1600 GPH Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pool Pump & Saltwater System (ECO)


Model No:
Sand filter with 1600 Gallon per Hour filtering capacity
up to 12,800 (gallons)combo set of sand filter pump and saltwater system

Don’t Know The Water Capacity Of Your Intex Above Ground Pool?

Here’s a guide to each intex pools water capacity and salt needed to operate a saltwater system

Pool NameSizeWater Capacity In GallonsSalt Needed In Pounds (lbs)
Easy Set Pool15′ x 48″3,79595
Easy Set Pool18′ x 48″5,455136
Easy Set Pool18′ x 52″5,894147
Ultra Frame Pool15′ x 36″3,28282
Ultra Frame Pool15′ x 42″3,86197
Ultra Frame Pool15′ x 48″4,440111
Ultra Frame Pool18′ x 48″6,423161
Ultra Frame Pool18′ x 52″6,981175
Ultra Frame Pool24′ x 52″12,481312
Oval Frame Pool12′ x 20″ x 48″4,393110
Oval Frame Pool12′ x 24″ 48″5,407135
Oval Frame Pool12′ x 28″ x 52″6,925173
Rectangular Frame Pool9′ x 18″ x 52″4,545114
Rectangular Frame Pool16´x 32″ x 52″14,364359

Intex Saltwater System Installation

It’s advisable to have a professional install this system. However, the Intex saltwater system is quiet easy to install especially for the handy diyer. Here’s a video instruction on how to install the Intex pool pump.

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