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Diagram Of What A Hayward Super Pump Looks Like

The Hayward Super Pump for Inground pools are self priming pool pumps which run very quietly and are designed for a medium head pump.

hayward super pump

 What Is It Designed For?

The Hayward Super Pump best fits standard-sized pools which do not have other equipment such as a spa or waterfall running. If you want a pool pump that is affordable, efficient and reliable entry level pump, then this is the best choice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

There are a few different Hayward Super pump models. Each model varies in horsepower and speeds.

Important Features

See Through Strainer Cover
This makes it easy for you to know whether it’s time to clean the strainer basket.

Big Strainer Basket
Extra large basket for lesser work

Quiet Motor
Will have either an AO Smith or a century motor

Hayward Super Pump Reviews

Hayward Super pump is currently Hayward’s bestselling pool pump and many users have always had glowing reviews about its efficiency and durability.

Positive reviews often comment:

  • how quiet the motor is
  • how efficient it is and how it makes pool cleaners work better
  • No fuss installation and maintenance
  • Durable pool pump that lasts for years (one reviewer says his has lasted for more than 10 years!)
  • good value for money

Now for negative reviews, It seems that one of the main gripes by people who are not happy with this pump is the loudness of the motor (although as you can see many reviewers have also commented on how quiet it is). Now these complaints about how noisy the pump is seems to happen a few years after purchase.

Considering that this noise happens after a few years of use, then we can assume that it is due to wear and tear. First of all, pool pumps will get louder in time. However, there are a few things to look at that may be causing this problem:

  1. Check for any air leaks in suction piping
  2. Make sure that the pump is on level ground
  3.  Always clean the pumps housing as debris hitting the impeller is one reason for a noisy pump
  4. Motor bearings may need to be changed.

Buy Hayward Super Pump – A Model Comparison


Have you done the necessary calculations to identify exactly how strong you need your pool pump to be? If not, then check out this guideline on choosing pool pumps.

As written above, Hayward Super pump is available with many different speeds and horsepower. See which one fits your pool.

Hayward Super Pump Max Rated Single Speed

Model No.Rated H.PVoltagePipe SizeShipping Weight (in pounds)
SP2600X51/21151 1/2″29
SP2605X73/4115/2301 1/2″32
SP2607X101115/2301 1/2″34
SP2610X151 1/2115/2301 1/2″39
SP2621X252 1/22302″54

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