Hayward sp3400vsp Ecostar Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump 230v

The Hayward sp3400vsp Ecostar variable speed pump is currently one of the bestselling rated energy efficient pumps in the market.

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Hayward Sp3400vsp Ecostar 230v


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Who Should Use The Hayward sp3400vsp Ecostart Pump?

  • for inground pools of all types and sizes
  • pool/spa combinations
  • high efficiency pump for higher flow rate applications

Electrical  Specs

  • Voltage: 230V AC, 60Hz, Single Phase
  • Amps: 10.9
  • Speed Range: 600-3450 rpm

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Here’s a quick video overview of the Hayward sp3400vsp pump

Why You Should  Buy Hayward sp3400vsp Pump?

If you’ve done some research before reading this, you probably already know that the Hayward Sp3400vsp pump is very highly rated by customers.

  1. This is an energy star rated pool. This means you will be running an energy efficient pump and you will be saving on your electricity bill. Good for your pocket, great for the environment.
  2. Another reason to buy Hayward Sp3400vsp is it’s ease of use.
  3. No matter how big or small your pool is, no matter how many other equipment you use (spa, waterfall etc), this swimming pool pump does the work well. It has over 8 programmable settings that you can easily adjust on the digital control interface.
  4. Like most variable speed pumps, this runs very quietly. At low setting, you will hardly hear the noise coming from this pump.

So What’s the Disadvantage of Buying This Pump

I can think of two main disadvantages.

First of all, the price can be prohibitive. The cheapest I have seen it at online is just a little over $1000. Remember though that your electric company could probably give you a substantial rebate.

Secondly, the Hayward Ecostar Sp3400vsp Variable speed pump will always be compared to its fancier brother, the Hayward svrs SP3400VSPVR. Both pumps target the same pools except that this fancier brother has the added setting of a Safety Vacuum Release System.


We replaced a single speed pump with a Hayward SP3400VSP from Amazon back in early Sept after some really high electricity bills and saw a substantial reduction in energy use. Bogleaheads

The unit has been in service for a year now. I am saving 80% on my electricity and my pool has never been cleaner. This technology is a total “no brainer” if you have a pool. Epinions

After an entire season of use and despite the hottest summer on record, the pool has easily been the cleanest it has been in over 25 years. Amazon

Buy Hayward sp3400vsp Ecostar Variable Speed Pump

For the best price, don’t forget to check if you qualify for a rebate. Here are the best price for this pump I have found online: (as of February 17, 2014)


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