Hayward Ecostar svrs sp3400vspvr Energy Efficient Pump


The Hayward Ecostar series is marketed as one of the most efficient pool pumps. There are two models in this series:

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The Similarities

If you’ve read our write up on the Hayward Ecostar Sp3400vsp, you’ll notice that the Ecostar SVRS sp3400vspvr has almost exactly the same specs.

They both have variable speed motors

They are energy efficient and both Energy star rated.

Their rated and total horsepower are the same at 2 and 2.7 consecutively

And they have the same service factor at 1.35

They both have 8 custom speed setting

The digital interface can be rotated and can also be removed and mounted on a wall

So What’s The Difference?

The glaring difference is that the Hayward sp3400vspvr variable speed pump has a SVRS setting or a Safety Vacuum Release System.

This system helps prevent swimmer entrapment without having to use additional devices or equipment.

The SVRS system works in such a way that when it detects a pump blockage, the pump automatically turns off.

Another feature that differentiates the Hayward sp3400vspvr is its speed range which is  1000-3450    RPM compared to the SP3400vsp which is 600-3450    RPM   .

Why do you want this additional feature?

For peace of mind, more than anything else and specially so when you know that kids will be using the pool.

Hayward Ecostar svrs Price

Because of this extra feature, the Hayward Ecostar SVRS costs a couple hundred more than the SP3400vsp . Click Here for The Best Price

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