Best 1 hp Pool Pump For Inground Pools

best 1 hp pool pump inground pools

So you know that what you need for your small inground pool is a 1 hp pool pump. That’s only the first step. There are other things you need to consider before you buy the perfect pump.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Pool pumps can greatly vary in price depending on the brand and added accessories/features that your pump comes with. Entry level 1hp pool pumps for inground pools can range from $150 – $300 dollars. While the more upmarket pumps can start at $500. This is why your budget is the one of the first things to think about.

Do You Want The Most Efficient Pump For The Job?

We all do, don’t we? Who doesn’t want to save on their electricity bill. But as it turns out, energy efficient pumps can come at a price. You may have to initially spend a bigger amount of money to buy the equipment but the cost in the long run will be cheaper for you (tip: ask your electric company if they have rebates for this purchase) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

Are You Looking For A Single Speed, Dual Speed or Variable speed motor?

There’s are enough online discussions as to which one is better. Ok, it’s accepted that single speed pumps cost more to run. The big decision will have to be between dual or variable speed pool pumps. There are two very opposing opinions between the two and as a pool owner, you will have to decide which one to get for your inground pool.

The Best 1 hp Pool Pumps

At any rate, here is a comparison of the best 1 hp pool pumps for inground pools. Hopefully, this will help you decide which one to buy to get your swimming pool ready for the summer season.

Price legend:

1 star – $100 – $250
2 stars – $251 –$500
3 stars – over $500
4 stars – over $1000

NameModelPriceCustomer RatingFeatures
$$$4.5 stars of 2 customer reviews
  • self priming


  • quiet


  • 1 year warranty


  • single speed
$$4 stars of 28 customer reviews
  • self priming


  • Standard efficiency


  • max rated pump
$$$4 stars of 29 customer reviews
  • variable speed pump


  • energy efficient pump


  • Compliant with energy-efficiency regulations such as Title 20 and APSP-15


  • quiet


  • full rated


  • energy star certified
$$4.5 stars of 200 customer reviews
  • self priming


  • quiet


  • single speed


  • heat resistant


  • rugged one piece houseing
$$4.5 of 125 customer reviews
  • self priming


  • 1 year warranty


  • quiet


  • single speed
$$4.5 of 33 customer reviews
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • quiet


  • single speed


  • up rated
XtremepowerUS Energy Efficient Variable 2 Speed 1HP Inground Swimming Pool Pump75158$4.5 of 5 reviews
  • 2 speed

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