Kids Pools With Slides – Small Kids Pools They’ll Love

There’s one surefire way to entertain young children in the hot summer months.

Best Kids pools with a slide. Toddlers and young kids will love these pools with a slide. Choose from a pirate, rainbow, dinosaur and more..

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It keeps them cool, gets them outside and entertains them the whole day.

There are many types of kiddie pools but one that I like are kids pools with slide. With the slide feature, kids tend to stay and play longer in the pool.

I especially like the Intex Rainbow Ring Play and Pool Center, but as you’ll see below, you’re not short of choices when it comes to kids pools.

Top Three Inflatable Pools With Slide For Kids

Many of these inflatable kids pools have a recommended age of 3-years-old. If your toddler uses it, make sure you are constantly there to watch him/her

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Pool Center

Intex Rainbow Ring Small Kids Pool

This isn’t just one but two pools with a shallow and deep area. The Intex Rainbow Ring Play and Pool Center makes kids summer days fun and memorable. It’s money well-spent for any parent who’s looking for activities that kids can do together.

This pool also includes some cool features such as:

  • Slide
  • Water sprinkler
  • Balls

Parent reviews show that anyone from a toddler to a 10-year-old enjoys this pool. However, bear in mind that if you have little ones, you will need to always keep an eye on them as it can get deep very quickly in the deeper part of the pool.


  • Size: 117″ X 76″ X 53″
  • Depth: back pool – 16” / front pool: 12”

Ocean Play Center: Baby and Toddler Friendly Pool

Kids Swimming Pools With Slide

Like the Rainbow Ring above, the Ocean Play Center is also made of two pools.

The big difference? This is more toddler-friendly as the recommended age is for 2-year-olds. Some parents even get in with their babies too and have fun that way.

This is a big pool so many children can fit in it at a time. It can hold 3 -5 children. Because of this, some parents buy this for a birthday party, too as part of the activities for kids.

Kids love the shallow water and sliding down it. The water sprinklers are a fun feature too. And if that’s not enough, this also comes with inflatable pool toys like a turtle, whale and some plastic balls.

Intex Dinosaur Play Center Kids Swimming Pool with Slide

Intex Dinosaur Pool Slide

Do your children love dinosaurs? Then they’ll love this pool with a dinosaur theme.

The kiddie pool is great but couple that with dinosaurs – it’s the perfect combination to get toddlers outside!

Children can play pretend as they use this pool. They can pretend they’re in the world of dinosaurs! Look at the volcano where they can slide on into the water. Check out the dinosaur with his wide-open mouth ready to gobble them up! 🙂

Dinosaur-loving toddlers love this pool.


  • Water sprinkler
  • Landing mat for extra padding

Intex Rainbow Ring Small Kids PoolIntex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center
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Intex Jungle Kids Swimming Pool With Slides
Intex Dinosaur Play Center

Here’s another small kids pool with slide which has two different kinds of pools.

Great for separating kids at moments when they can’t stand each other, eh? This also has a water sprayer which can be attached to a garden hose.

Safari Falls Small Kids Pool
Safari Falls Pool

For safari loving kids, this one’s a hoot!

Who wouldn’t want to slide down a zebra’s back?

Slide N Splash Whale Pool For Kids
Slide N’Splash Whale Pool

This whale pool with a slide is pretty fun too.

Big enough to accommodate about 4 kids.

Six Flags Splash Kids Swimming Pool
Six Flags My First Splish Splash Pool

Any little kid is bound to have fun with this kids pool with slide.

It’s got lots of other things on it too that a young toddler will really enjoy looking at.

Intex Recreation Small Kids Pool With Slide
Intex Recreation Gateway’N Fun Play Center

Intex brings this kids swimming pool with slide and water sprinkle for your children to enjoy. A good wading pool with three arches.

Pirate Hideout Playcenter Pool
Pirate Hideout Play Center Pool

This is going to be a big favorite to any little boy (or girl) who loves pirates. This has a bouncing deck too which is nice. Makes any little one feel like a pirate..yaar.