The Ultimate Guide to Kids Swimming Pools: Safety, Fun, and More!

Summer’s here, and nothing beats the sweltering heat quite like a dip in the pool. But not everyone has access to a swimming pool. And sometimes, it’s much easier to let the kids out to play in the backyard pool without the fuss of preparing a trip to the public pool.  The perfect solution? Kids swimming pools! They’re great ways to entertain the kids while keeping them cool.

Let’s explore the world of kids swimming pools with this comprehensive guide. We’ll help you decide the best swimming pool and suggest exciting activities to ensure a summer full of fun. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

Choosing the best kids swimming pools is not easy. With the many types available, it can be a real head-scratcher deciding which pool with open the way for a lot of summer backyard fun. you might end up in analysis paralysis deciding which one can give loads of backyard fun for the whole summer. Will it be an inflatable pool or a durable hard plastic one? A compact splash pad or a more comprehensive pool set up with all the bells and whistles?

Many of these portable pools for kids can be easily set up wherever you choose in your backyard. So let’s explore some potential options to turn your backyard space into a family pool hotspot.

Inflatable pools designed for kids

Inflatable kids’ pools are an affordable option. They usually have a wide array of water play features and come in many shapes, sizes, and fun designs. This includes kids pools with slides and even ones with waterfalls or water fountains.

Some of the top-rated products of this kind include the:

Above-ground pools suitable for kids

Above-ground swimming pools are more expensive than an inflatable swimming pool but they’re a great option if you’re looking for the benefits of a traditional pool without the commitment of in-ground installation. They’re available in different sizes and can accommodate different children’s ages.

Unlike an inflatable pool that you can easily and conveniently set up in any backyard, these types of blow-up pools require a bit more planning. For example, you may need to consider the following:

  • Your outdoor space: These pools are usually bigger so you’ll need to consider not only the size of the pool but also the surrounding area for access and maintenance.
  • Installation process: Some you can install yourself but others may need the services of a professional.
  • Materials: Ideally, you want a type of pool that your kiddos can use on many hot summer days in the years to come. Prioritize features that signal durability and strength such as durable vinyl materials, frames made of steel, resin, or aluminum, and pool liners made of vinyl or polyester.
  • Additional equipment: Most above-ground pools will need a filter pool pump system. You may also need other pool accessories like air pumps, pool chemicals, and pool heaters.
  • Safety features: Think about safety features like pool alarms, secure ladders, or pool fencing, especially if you have young children or pets. A safety cover can also be useful when the pool is not in use.
  • Local Regulations: Look into any local regulations. You may need a permit to install an above-ground pool, and there may be safety requirements to consider.

Plastic pools for kids

Kids’ plastic pools come in a variety of sizes, from small activity pools designed for toddlers to larger hard plastic wading pools suitable for the entire family’s enjoyment.

Many plastic pools are typically shallow, holding only a few inches of water, making them a safer option for toddlers and small children just getting acquainted with water play. They also serve as excellent splashing spots for dogs and other pets.

If you don’t want to have to deal with complicated pool installations, plastic pools are a great option. You simply put the pool on a flat, level surface, fill it with water, and it’s ready for use.

Here’s a top-rated foldable plastic pool for kids if you’re looking to buy a shallow pool

III. Features and accessories for kids’ swimming pools

There are a wide variety of features and accessories that add a nice touch to a kiddie pool. Whether your family has an inflatable, plastic, or above-ground pool, you can make them even more fun.

Family lounge pools with seats

You’re already getting a backyard pool. You might as well get one that the whole family can enjoy. Family lounge pools are essentially larger versions of typical inflatable pools but with built-in seats for added comfort. They’re also usually bigger, have multiple seating areas, and some even come with holders or headrests.

For example, this Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable lounge pool comes with a bench so parents can sit down while watching the little ones. Or this large family pool has two seats, a backrest, and cup holders. 

Baby pools

Often called kiddie or toddler pools, these pools are perfect for babies. They’re usually only a few inches deep and are compact. They also come with built-in sprinklers or built-in shade or canopy. In addition, they provide a controlled environment while an adult watches them. 

Pool floats

Rubber rings have evolved. Pool floats now come in different shapes, a variety of sizes, and colorful designs. Do you want nautical-style pool floats? or a motorized pool float with water guns? You’ve got a lot of choices.

For the family’s younger members, there’s also a whole category of pool floats just for them with vibrant colors, beloved cartoon characters, or shaped like a dinosaur, cars, or spaceships. Many also come with seat straps and safety valves to ensure a layer of safety for the little ones.

Pool toys

No matter how exciting having a backyard pool is. At some point, children still want some pool toys to add a layer of excitement. They help kids engage in some active play and help build their swimming skills too. Some popular water toys are diving toys, water guns and soakers, waterproof balls, and inflatable water slides. Something as simple as an inflatable lounge chair can also make for a great pool toy.

Colorful designs

Children, specifically babies and toddlers, love the colorful designs of many water pools. It helps stimulate their senses and imagination, making them appealing to kids. What designs can you choose from? They can be theme-and character-based pools based on books, tv shows, or movies. Or they can have superhero-themed pools featuring beloved characters

Top kids swimming pools in 2023

We have different pages on this site featuring different types of swimming pools for kids. But if you’re in a hurry, here are three of the top-rate kids’ swimming pools in 2023.

Best swimming pool for babies

Baby swimming pools are a delightful way to introduce your little one to the joys of water play. These pools provide a safe and enjoyable environment for babies to splash and have fun. One popular option is the Baby Splash Pad, featuring an adjustable canopy for the sun. The splash pad also includes baby toys for developing dexterity and features an enchanting design with colorful sea creatures.

Best swimming pools for toddlers

Our article on pools with slides has a whole collection of these types of pools which offer many entertainment features for toddlers. In a hurry? Check out the Dinosaur Play Center Water Park Pool at Amazon.

Swimming pools for older kids

Swimming pools for older kids require a bit more consideration than pools for younger children. Older kids tend to be more active, require more space, and may want more features to keep them entertained. Fortunately, there are many options available, including above-ground pools and Intex Easy set pool, which can cater to these needs.

Family Lounge Pools

Here’s a popular family lounge pool that’s been getting rave reviews — the Members Mark Elegant Family Pool. This pool features two inflatable seats with backrests. And also provides plenty of room as it’s 10 feet long. It also includes a convenient drain plug making it easy to drain the water once the fun is done.

Swimming Pool for Kids Maintenance

Keeping a kids’ swimming pool clean and safe requires regular maintenance. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Regular cleaning: Use pool cleaning tools to maintain cleanliness after each dip. Use a net or pool vacuum to pick up leaves and other debris.

2. Water maintenance: If the pool isn’t drained using the built-in drain plug after each use, it’s necessary to treat the remaining gallons of water. Make sure to use child-safe pool supplies to handle bacteria and algae. And follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using these products.

3. Repair and Inspection: Conduct routine checks on the pool, specifically focusing on the wide side walls for signs of leaks or wear. Most outdoor pools come with repair patches that can be used to mend small punctures.

4. Cover Usage: When not in use, use a pool cover to keep debris and bugs at bay. This will also limit water evaporation in larger pools, maintaining water cleanliness for a longer period.

5. Proper Storage: If there’s a period when the pool won’t be in use, such as during winter, store it correctly. Use the built-in drain plug to remove all water, let the pool dry entirely, deflate if inflatable, and store it in a safe, dry area.

VIII. Swimming pools for kids FAQ


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