Intex 32 x 16 Pool – Features And Best Price

If you want premium quality above ground pool, then the Intex 32 x 16 pool is one to seriously consider buying. This is the biggest pool among Intex rectangular pools and once you have it set up in your backyard, it’s going to be just as good as any inground swimming pool.

The Intex 32 x 16 pool is made of good quality materials and is very easy to assemble. It’s also a breeze to put away during the winter months. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.
Intex 32 x 16 Pool

Intex 32 x 16 Pool Features

The Intex 32 x 16 pool is a rectangular pool which makes it an special extra pool for those who want to do swimming laps or just want to have a big pool that somehow resembles an inground pool.

Like other Intex ultra frame pools, the 32 x 16 pool have frames that lock together very smoothly and very quickly. Unlike traditional metal frames, you do not need any additional locking pins to set this up.

Provided you buy this pool with the Saltwater system (which is very highly recommended), maintaining and cleaning this pool is easy peasy. In fact, as long as you run the system every day for the recommended 6- 12 hours, you might not ever have to live with things like algae or shock water treatment ever again.

Intex 32 x 16 Pool Reviews

Many Intex 32 x 16 pool reviews show that customers are almost always pleased with this purchase. It looks sleek, it’s easy to assemble, is no problem to clean and it’s so big, they’re the envy of the neighborhood.

The only complaint I have read about is that the ladder is not as strong as they would like it to be, but this is considered a very minor problem by many. In fact, some have instead made a deck at one end of the pool which people use to get into the pool.

Please remember that like all of Intex rectangular ultra frame pools, you need a level ground to set this up. VERY VERY IMPORTANT!

Intex 32 x 16 Best Price

The price for this pool ranges from $1500 to $2400 depending on where you’re buying this from. Remember though that that’s only the base price as it doesn’t include shipping costs yet.

Buy Intex Pool 32×16

You can buy Intex pool 32×16 from Target, Walmart or Meijer. You can also get this online for a good price. Just be prepared to scour around.

Always remember to factor in the shipping cost when you buy this pool online and make sure that you’re buying the whole set with all the necessary accessories include.

Make sure the package includes a filter pump, saltwater system, ground cloth, ladder, cover, surface skimmer and instructional DVD’s.

Shipping cost will obviously depend on who you buy it from.

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