Intex 18 x 52 Metal Frame Pool Review

Intex 18x52 Pool

The Intex 18×52 pool is another one of the popular middle-sized above ground pools made by Intex. It is important to take note that this is a circular pool  (If you’re looking for a rectangular pool set, look for the Intex 18x52x9 ultra frame pool).

The pool can comfortably accommodate a family of 8-10, with enough space for everyone to play around in. Many reports have also shown that a group of 12 doesn’t feel that crowded at all, either. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

The Intex 18×52 pool is made of a strong sturdy structure, is easy to set up and easy to put away.

Intex 18 x 52 Metal Frame Pool Features

The Intex 18×52 Pool is sold as a set. This package usually includes the pool itself, Saltwater Automatic Chlorination System, pump, ladder and maintenance kit. Some packages will also include a pool cover and even a volleyball game set..

This is a nice medium-sized pool that’s great for family backyards. The ultra metal frame makes it very easy to assemble and it looks even better than the normal metal frame pools.

Intex Pool 18 x 52 Reviews

Most Intex Pool 18 x 52 reviews show that customers are generally pleased with this purchase. It’s just the right size and the pool also looks much nicer than other above ground swimming pools.

Customers who have had this for years have also commented on the durability of the product as well as the ease of setting it up and putting it away.

Here are some actual customer reviews:

“I am a 62 year old woman and I put this pool up by myself in 2 hours. The hard part was leveling the ground.”

Intex 18×52 Metal Frame Pool – Important Things To Keep In Mind

  1. You need to set up the Intext 18×52 Metal Frame pool on level ground.This is VERY VERY important and something you should never overlook (or else you’ll end up doing the setting up again, I kid you not!). This is probably the task that will take the longest time when you set up your pool.
  2. The saltwater system is a great accessory and should be in every Intex 18 x 52 pool purchase. I have noticed however, that there are some shops who do not include this in the package so make sure the saltwater chlorinator system is part of it.

Buy Intex Metal Frame 18-foot-by-52-inch Round Pool Set

You can buy the Intex 18×52 Metal frame pool at your local shops like Target and Walmart. However, the best value for money I have seen it at is when you buy it online from Amazon.

Many of the online merchants sell through Amazon too so you can get a good comparison of the products as well.

As of time of writing, I have noticed that you can buy Intex 18 x 52  pool at VERY different prices, depending on who you’re buying it from and what accessories are included.

I have noticed that shops who sell this pool at the lowest price are almost always without the saltwater system or charge a hefty price for the shipping.

So make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for the price you’re paying.

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