Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Review

Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool is the biggest sized pool of Intex’s Metal Frames range. Bear in mind that there is another portable pool of the same size which is the Easy Set range.

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Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Features

The Intex 18 x 48 metal frame pool is usually sold as a set. This set includes:

  • filter pump
  • ground cloth
  • pool cover
  • maintenance kit
  • surface skimmer
  • instructional DVD

The Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool can be easily assembled in 1-2 hours. The beams easily snap together which makes assembling this portable pool a breeze.

The pool is big enough for backyard parties and deep enough for everyone to have fun. It even gets deeper than the regular easy set pool of the same size as the water actually fills up to the rim without spilling so much out.

Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Swimming Pool Best Price

I’ve seen this at varying prices from $430 to to $799. So it is well worth hunting around to find the one you like.

Watch out when this pool is sold at a much cheaper rate than advertised as it MAY lack some of the accessories that you need to set it up.

Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Reviews

Many of the Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool reviews show very positive reviews. Customers are especially happy about the ease of set-up and the quality of the pool.

Many have commented how important it is to have a level ground as even an inch or two of difference can be greatly detrimental to the setup of your pool. Reviewer comments on how easy it is to set up and that it is big enough for the whole family and some neighborhood kids as well.

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Buy Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Set

You can buy this at your nearest Target or Walmart which usually have it on sale especially before the summer season.

It is also a good idea to buy this online especially when you get the shipping for free. If you have the patience, you might even just find the cheapest price for the Intex 18 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Set.

When buying online, make sure that you factor in the shipping cost.

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