Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Ladder With 400 lbs. Weight Limit

Durable heavy duty pool ladders and steps for your above ground pools. Different styles, different brands - all made with safety and durability in mind.

Many pool stairs and steps only have a maximum capacity of 300 lbs. So it’s not easy to find above ground pool ladders with 400 lbs. weight limit. If you’re looking for one, here are three of the best ones we’ve found.

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Ideas For Pool Ladders With 400 lbs. Weight Capacity

Listed below are the top-rated pool ladders with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. They come in different styles from just a ladder to a complete system that has safety self-closing mechanism!

Confer Curve Pool Step System For Above Ground Pools:

✔highly-rated by customers ✔ 4.5 stars rating ✔sturdy ✔ easy to install ✔ attractive ✔ heavy duty up to 400 lbs. capacity  ? ✔available in blue and gray

Stylish pool stairs with a curve add-on for a bigger space for sitting on the steps in the water. Highly-rated heavy duty pool stairs.

The Confer Curve Pool is not just a pool staircase. It’s also an attractive pool accessory where you and your family can sit to relax in the water.

There are two parts to the above ground pool steps. There’s the steps and there’s the add-on which is a curve step that you can attach to the stairs.

You can buy both parts if you want the steps to cover a bigger area and to have more space for sitting on (dogs love sitting on the top step on a hot day!)

However, you can also start by buying only the steps. And then at a later time, add in the curve steps.

Some features:

  • available in two colors: gray and blue
  • holds up to 400 lbs. With a 5-year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • needs over 70 lbs. of sand to hold it down
  • smooth curve steps with treads and solid

Confer Step-1X Grand Entry Pool Stairs: Affordable Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Ladder

✔works only for flat-bottomed pools ✔ easy-snap together installation ✔ good price

Cheap, durable and safe heavy duty pool steps for flat-bottomed pools

The Confer Step-1 Pool Steps is affordable, durable and easy to install.

It fits pools that have a flat bottom. This means that if your pool has a dished or sloped bottom, this will not fit.

It is easy to install with its snap-together assembly (you will need a rubber mallet to secure it tightly and securely).

Specs and important details:

Do you have a flat-bottomed pool? This pool step is perfect for it!

  • made for 48″ to 54″ pools and 60″ decks
  • this needs to be attached to a deck with mounting brackets
  • it has a wide entry/exit width at 31″
  • the steps are wide at about 31 in. wide x 47 in. high x 32 in. deep
  • 5-year pro-rated warranty
  • dimensions:
    • Height to Top Step – 47 inches
    • Height to Handrail – 38 inches

An Important thing to take note of:

To prevent this pool step from floating, you MUST use 40 lbs. of sand (which you buy separately).  The sand is poured into four holes which are located on the side panel.

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Confer Pool Entry System With Locking Gate Enclosure: Heavy Duty Pool Ladder For Above Ground Pools

✔pool ladder for the outside pool steps for the inside ✔ deck not necessary when you have the complete set

Durable pool ladder and steps with 400 lbs. capacity by Confer Plastics. Can be used if you have a deck or not.

This is top of the line above ground pool ladder with 400 lb weight capacity. It has all the features you could possibly want in a durable long lasting ladder.

  • it has a gate with a locking mechanism
  • has double handrails
  • has closely spaced steps
  • it’s made of plastic so that no metal ever gets into the pool water
  • non-slip steps

This heavy duty pool ladder was built with the elderly as well as the physically challenged in mind. The way it is designed means much easier and more stable access to the water. No wobbly ladders, no unstable footing and is always safe.

It’s a big investment but well worth it.


  • overall height: 81″
  • adjustable wall clearance

Safe and Secure Above Ground Pool Ladder With 400 lbs Weight Limit

Get a pool ladder that doesn’t only help you get in but also provides a level of safety with its self-closing gate. If you have young kids, this is going to come very handy.

If you want a complete pool ladder package, this is well worth the look. It’s not the cheapest one on this list, but it’s one of the best above ground pool ladders around.

With a 400-pound weight capacity, it has a step width of 31 inches and step treads measuring 10 x 27 inches.

What Makes This Unique?

That it’s a complete package. It has a gate and a safety mechanism, and a padlock for added security.

Other Features:

  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Steps and ladders can be easily separated if you want to make a deck.

The Confer PES is a complete entry system which can be used whether or not you have a deck.

If you want to attach the pool steps to a pool deck, you only need to buy the single unit (Model PES-1).

However if you don’t have a deck, the complete entry system (Model PES-DBL). These are two units that connect together. It includes the entry ladder with a gate for the outside of the pool and the 5-step stairs for the inside.

This system makes it easy to walk up and into the pool and is works well for the elderly, slightly handicapped or heavy people.


  • Fits pools with 48″ to 54″ wall
  • Safety gate completely covers the steps and is self-latching
  • non-slip steps: step dimensions: 10”x27”
  • easy assembly – no need to attach it to the pool
  • height: 81”
  • width: 31”
  • 5-year warranty

Save It For Later:

Confer Curve Pool Steps
Confer wedding cake steps. You can buy only the step or the full system. CHECK ON AMAZON
Maximum capacity: 400 lbs.
✔ Sturdy, stable and rock solid
✔ Makes getting in and out of pool much easier
✔ Easy to install
✔ Recommended for 48″ – 54″ pools

“It doesn’t move we have a friend that’s 450lbs and the steps hold him and doesn’t bend.” – Read More Amazon Reviews here

Confer Step 1 Pool Steps
Confer steps for flat bottomed pools only. Available in 4 different styles. CHECK ON AMAZON
Maximum capacity: 400 lbs.
✔ 4 different styles
✔ Can work on decks up to 60 inches
✔ Safe entrance and exit for young and elderly
✔ Easy snap-on installation

“My deck sits 61 inches higher than the pool bottom. After searching high and low on a set of stairs to fit, I decided on these. Works absolutely perfect. ” – Read More Amazon Reviews

Confer Entry System for Above Ground Pools
Maximum weight limit: 400 lbs.
✔ Safe way to enter and exit your pool
✔ Great for elderly and handicapped
✔ Fits 48″ – 54″ pools
✔ Self-closing and self-latching gate
✔ Not for inflatable or pop-up pools

“This is a lot more stable than my old setup. I like the gate on the outside and the fact that it came with a lock was a plus.” – Read More Amazon Reviews Here

Stay safe this summer and get this heavy duty 400 lbs weight limit pool ladder. Stay safe this summer and get this heavy duty 400 lbs weight limit pool ladder.