Energy Star Pool Pumps Comparison – Energy Efficient Pumps To Save On Your Electricity Bill

There are over 200 different energy star pool pumps  that are being sold in the USA and Canada. We have featured almost 100 of the ones considered most efficient pool pumps by the organization.

Out of these 100 pumps, there are over 10 energy star pool pump certified equipment that regularly make it to the list of highly rated pumps in the market. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

As you may already know, many of these pumps have dual speed, multi speed or variable speed motors.

Variable Speed Energy Star Pool Pumps

Hayward Super Pump VS pump SP2600VSP

Now if you’ve done lots of reading on energy star rated pool pumps, you may have noticed that the Hayward Super pump is one of most recommended pumps right now.

Rightly so. It is in fact, Haywards bestselling pump at the moment. 230V, 1.5” pipe size; customizable speed, duration and priming time.

Hayward Max-Flo Variable Speed Pool Pump SP2300VSP

Made for medium head pool pumps, the new Hayward Max-flo is for 1.5” 2” plumbing. It operates quietly with a built in timer and programmable speeds.

Hayward EcoStar VS Variable Speed Pump SP3400VSP & Hayward SP3400VSPVR EcoStar SVRS

The Hayward sp3400vsp and the Hayward sp3400vspvr are the two variable speed models in the Hayward Ecostar series. These two energy star pool pumps run very efficiently at variable speeds. The main difference is that the SVRS pump has a safety mechanism. The pump shuts off when it detects drainage blockage. These are highly rated pump and it’s easy to find customer experiences on these pumps too.

Pentair Intellipro VS + SVRS P6E6XS4H-209L

Here is Pentair’s pump with SVRS – the safety mechanism that the Hayward Ecostar above is equipped with. This one happens to be a bit more advanced than other SVRS pumps as this system CAN Not be turned off.

Another feature of this pump that’s worth noting is the Ability to set minimum and maximum speeds—the IntelliPro pump will only operate within the ranges you set to help assure safer operation and long life

Intelliflo VF High Performance Pump

The Intelliflo VF is one of the smartest pool pumps. It has a brain.

Basically, it adjusts itself as tasks change. This means that the pump will always be running at the optimum and most efficient flow rate required for the job at hand. If energy saving is what you’re after, then this ability of the Intelliflo VF could be the deal breaker when choosing a pump. If money is not a concern, this energy star rated pool pump is a great buy.

1 hp Energy Star Rated Pumps

For inground pools, here are the recommended 1 hp pool pumps.

Pentair Sta-Rite Supermax Dual Speed Model PHK2RAY6E-102L

This residential pump runs on a commercial grade motor and is available at a more affordable price. It’s quiet, requires minimal maintenance and has a body built to last for a long time.

It is self priming and easy to install. Can be use for a new pool but is also a direct replacement for Hayward Super pump.

Pentair Superflo Double Speed Pump 340043

Pentair’s Superflo series is one of its popular pumps.

Like other Pentair pumps, the Superflo runs very quietly and can cut on your electricty bill every month. Another direct replacement to the Super pump.

2hp Energy Star Certified Pumps

Pentair Whisperflo Pool Pump 11524 2hp

Of the 2 hp high performance pumps, the Pentair Whisperflo is one of the pumps that can deliver maximum circulation efficiency at the lowest operating cost. It’s also compatible with many different pool equipment such as cleaning vacuums and spas. It’s also a very quiet pump specially when run at low setting. Comes with a switch.

If you’re looking into buying a dual speed pump rather than a variable speed one, then definitely look into Pentair’s Whisperflo.

Jandy Zodiac Stealth High Head Pump SHPF1.5-2

Though not as popular as the Pentair and Hayward brands, the Jandy Zodiac dual stealth pumps performe just as well. Quiet with a large capacity basket. 230 v, 2″-2.5″pipe size, 1.5 hp

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