Above The Ground Pools For Sale – What You Need To Know

Intex 12-Foot Pool

Above-ground portable pools are still very much in. Anyone looking for these pools can pick out from any size—from a comfortable four-foot square to a huge one hundred and thirty feet wide—and have their pool fitted with customized fittings including a freshwater or salt system.

Portable swimming pools today have evolved into tougher structures which can be fitted with special filtering systems — amenities which have long been unheard of when portable pools for sale first came into being more than seventy years ago.

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Kinds Of Portable Swimming Pools

Portable Pools For Kids

A portable pool for kids can be set up on your veranda or in a shady area on your yard. Kids love to hang out in the pool and getting an inflatable one is will certainly provide them with hours of endless enjoyment. Most inflatable pools are designed in such a way that only a small amount of water can be placed for the kids to paddle in.

Easy Set Up Portable Pools

Easy set-up pools are very popular during summer. Families spent hours of swimming and recreation in these Above Ground pools. You can choose from many sizes depending on your needs. These pools can easily be set up and water fun can begin in a few minutes.

Metal Frame Above Ground Portable Pools

If you want portable pools which are built to last, why not get a metal-frame portable pool? It is quite easy to install and assemble and it is guaranteed to last you many fun-filled summers because its frames are powder-coated and rust-resistant complete with durable liners. Compared to traditional above-ground pools, a metal frame pool requires a substantially lower initial expense.

Portable Pools For Sale – Rectangular Or Circular?

If you are wondering whether to pick out a rectangular or circular pool, here are some advantages and disadvantages that you can take into consideration before making your final decision.

Most above-ground pools in the market are circular. These pools have a structural design advantage because it does not require additional mechanical ­­bracing. It is also for this reason that circular pools are also considered to have the most efficient shape because there is no need for any bracing since the forces are evenly distributed around the pool’s perimeter.

For those who have smaller areas, a rectangular pool can easily fit into whatever space is available. People also choose to get rectangular above-ground pools because they like to swim laps or play pool volleyball. However, rectangular above-ground pools require extensive bracing along their sides to avoid the sides from being pushed outward by the pressure exerted by the water.

Portable Swimming Pools Best Price

For world-class above-ground pools, Intex is considered a notch above the rest.

Intex is synonymous with durable above-ground pools that can fit any budget and backyard size. There are so many pool sizes to choose from. Take your pick from the Intex Easy Set 15 x 42 pool to the  Intex 18 x 52 Metal Frame Pool.

If you have a limited budget, inflatable and easy set-up pools are below a hundred dollars while prices of Metal Frame Above Ground Portable Pools range from $150 to $3000

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