Guide To Buying A Portable Hot Tub

Buying a portable hot tub is a big investment. But it´s surprising how many people buy one without doing as much research as they would do if they were buying a car.

There are dozens of hot tub manufacturers out there and in between them, there are hundreds of different models to choose from. It´s not an easy task so it´s only right to take your time and read as much as you can about buying a spa.

This article aims to give you a birds eye-view about the most important things you need to know and consider when buying a portable hot tub.

Portable Hot Tub Prices

The Price of a portable hot tub can be as low as $600 to as much as $25,000.

Inflatable hot tubs are priced at the lower end of this scale ranging from $600 to about $2500. For example, a Lay Z Spa costs 299 pounds ($600), a Spa n a box is $1000, a Spa 2 Go is $700 and Hammacher Schlemmer´s Whirlpool Spa is $899.

Acrylic Portable Hot Tubs on the other hand, are on the upper scale. Many of these spas cost about $2500 – $7000 just for the tub. However, if you want to add some other luxuries such as mp3 players, stereo surrounds, movie player and the like, then your expense could go as high as $25000 even more.

Types of Portable Hot Tubs

There are different types of portable hot tubs to choose from.

The cheapest, most portable and easiest to install are inflatable hot tubs. They´re not exactly the most durable but they do do the job once they start working. Many reviews have mentioned that 3 years is long enough for these hot tubs after which they start to be more of a hassle than they´re worth ( heater not working, punctured surface, etc.) . is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

Next in line are the acrylic above ground hot tubs. They may be called portable but they´re nowhere as portable as the inflatable ones. For a bit more money, these hot tubs are way more durable than inflatable spas, so if you can wing a little bit more money, it´s best to get one of these.

They are not as quick to install nor could they be easily moved in and out of your house, but they´ll last for a longer time (you can of course take them with you if you move house)

Something Unique In Portable Hot Tubs

These two are worth a little mention as there´s no distinct category that they belong to.

The DreamMaker Escape Portable Hot Tub

Portable hot tub
Dreammaker Escape

Remember what I said about inflatable hot tubs being very fragile and easy to get punctured? Well, DreamMaker, a leading portable hot tub manufacturer has a hot tub called Dreammaker Escape.

It´s not quite inflatable nor is it made of acrylic. It´s the portable hot tub that´s meant to be the cop out if you didn´t want to spend so much on a hot tub, but didn´t want to buy one that breaks down the next day either.

The Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub

A unique wood burning hot tub that's great for the outdoors.

For some reason, this wood burning hot tub is liked by many.

It´s not exactly everyone´s picture of a hot tub, but it´s unique features has made it a rather popular item.

Know more about this wood burning hot tub here.

2 Important Things To Consider When You Buy A Portable Hot Tub

Wet Test… Wet Test… Wet Test…

So you do a test drive when buying a car, why not when buying a spa? This is a very important thing that you MUST do. Buying a hot tub is a big investment so it shouldn´t be a decision at the spur of the moment. Get dressed in appropriate attire, go to your hot tub dealer and get into as many hot tubs as you wish.

You´ll soon realize that the best spa is a very personal choice. What may be considered the best portable hot tub is not necessarily the best for you. What may be soft to you may not be to someone else, what may be a powerful jet to someone may not be to you. So go and try it out before making any final decisions.

And don´t forget to take the rest of the family with you (or whoever is going to use the hot tub a lot).

How´s Your Hot Tub Dealer?

No matter how great your hot tub is, sooner or later, a time will come when you´ll need your dealer. It could be in 5 years time or it could be in a week. You´ll never know.

For this reason, having a reliable dependent hot tub dealer is very important. Find someone who you have confidence in. One whose services do not end once you´ve given them your money.

Find out:

  • How long it has been in business? Business stability is of course important. You don´t want a fly by night dealer. You want him to still be there when the need arises.
  • What added services does he offer? Does he help you set up your hot tub at home?
  • What´s your 6th sense about him and his business? Trust your instincts.

Buying A Portable Hot Tub Online

Buying a hot tub online is often very tempting because the prices can be significantly cheaper. The problem with this is you don´t get to do a wet test. If you really must do this though, find a way to cheat.

Go to a hot tub dealer in your area. Do your wet test and buy your hot tub online. Make sure you ask/know what happens when there is a problem with your hot tub. Who do you go to? Who pays for shipping? Etc.

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