Tips For Buying A Hot Tub Gazebo Kit

Just because you don’t want to build a gazebo from scratch doesn’t mean it’s all going to be a piece of cake. Buying hot tub gazebo kits can still be a long process — but it need not be intimidating. Just do your research and know what you want and you might even enjoy the ride.

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I. How Much Is Your Budget?

The best hot tub gazebo kits.

Obviously a very important consideration. Remember that the price of hot tub gazebo kits can cost somewhere between $2000 to $20,000 (maybe even more depending on how you customize it). How much you´re willing to spend will determine the kind of gazebo you´re going to end up with.

II. Know The Basic Gazebo Kit Features You Want


Size: Most of the smallest hot tub gazebo kits sold today are about 8 x 8 feet. The smallest ones are usually just enough to snuggly fit your spa just like this Vancouver Cedar Spa Gazebo. If you want to add on other features such as a bar, cabinet for storage, towel hangers, benches or enough walking space around the hot tub, you will of course need a bigger spa.

Shape: Hot tub gazebos are usually square or rectangle although they also come in round and oval styles.

Which Material Do You Want the Gazebo To Be? You´ll find that most hot tub gazebo kits are either wood or vinyl. So what´s the difference?

Wood gazebos are usually made of cedar, pine, and redwood; Although there are gazebos made of bamboo, this is not very common among many hot tub spa enclosures.

Wood is preferred by many for its aesthetic value as well as its durability. It is however susceptible to warping, cracking and rotting pretty much like any wooden structure.

Worth Knowing: Wood maintenance is a very important thing in making sure your wood gazebo lasts for a long time. Make sure you know or ask the manufacturer/dealer exactly what to do to maintain your gazebo and the products that are best used for it. Remember that this also means added expense on your part year after year.

Vinyl gazebos, on the other hand, may not look as appealing as the wooden ones but they´re certainly the more practical/sensible choice for long term maintenance and expense. Vinyl are a little bit more expensive than wooden gazebos but they virtually need very little maintenance, don´t need to be painted/stained every year, and do not rot or warp like wood.

III. Customize Your Hot Tub Gazebo

There are usually preset gazebo styles sold by most manufacturers. And if you don´t want to do a lot of work, you can simply choose the one that you like best from what they offer. These hot tub gazebo kits already include the floor, roof, and wall panels.

But if you want to have some fun (and have a bit more money to spend), go for a custom gazebo kit and end up with a unique spa enclosure.

Note: The whole process of customizing your hot tub gazebo is entertaining but it can also be quite overwhelming. There are so many choices to choose from that before you know it, the price of your hot tub enclosure has already skyrocketed with all the added features that you want.

Make it a little bit easier on your part by having an idea of what you want in your hot tube gazebo kit when you use one of the customizer services that many manufacturers have online.

Even better, if you already know exactly what you want, some of the better companies will take any idea you have in mind ( in cases where it´s not available in their line) and have you talk with their design team so they can customize it for you.

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