Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

Here are some hot tub gazebo ideas

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For many, buying a spa and a hot tub gazebo at the same time can be a bit daunting — not just because of the money involved but also the amount of research that comes with it. So many usually just buy a spa first.

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Sooner or later though, you’re bound to want a hot tub gazebo for your outdoor hot tub. As great as your spa is, you’ll soon realize that depending on where you live,

  • you’ll need some protection from the winter cold at some point
  • you’ll want to keep the mosquitoes and other insects out
  • you’ll want to spruce up the look of where your spa is
  • or you’ll want some privacy while you’re in your spa

And because of one or all these, you’ll be making another important decision — which gazebo spa enclosure to buy.

If you’re thinking about buying one, start your research here. This is the index page of all our articles about buying a hot tub gazebo enclosure.

This is a growing resource so do come back. We will be writing about:

  • which material is best? Wood, vinyl, aluminum?
  • which Gazebo hot tub kit to buy
  • Common Gazebo terms you need to know
  • Easy gazebo plans
  • Building a hot tub gazebo

But First, A Few Important Stuff About Hot Tub Gazebos

Gazebo Hot Tub Prices

I´ll tell you now. A hot tub gazebo doesn´t come cheap. Some of them could even cost just as much as your hot tub.

Most hot tub gazebos cost at least $3000 for the most basic to as much as $20000 for the most luxurious. There are also occasionally cheaper options  but these are very difficult to come by.

Hot Tub Gazebo Kits

You can always build your gazebo from scratch if you want. But if you would rather go the easy way, it’s best to buy hot tub gazebo kits.

Some of these kits are already pre fabricated so all you have to do is choose the design you like most. However, many are also customizable. So if you have an idea about what you like your gazebo to look like, this is the best option.

Hot tub gazebo kits are usually precut so all you really need is a hammer, a ready mind to read the instructions and maybe, a helping hand and you’ll have your outdoor gazebo in no time at all.

Building A Gazebo

If you’re the type who likes DIY jobs, then building a hot tub gazebo could be a very fulfilling project.

If you’re really serious about building one, go grab yourself a copy of the book, Building The Perfect Gazebo – A Complete Step By Step Guide written by David Schiff. There´s a wealth of information contained in this book which should get you started on your gazebo project. This book tells you everything you need to know about building gazebos from picking a site to assembling a roof.

Now if you´re specifically looking for plans or diagrams for your project, there are a lot of good DIY souls online who are more than willing to share their plans with you. This is the article we´re going to write about next, so do come back.


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