A Large Buddha Statue For The Garden

My husband keeps me away from tending the garden as much as possible. He says I’ve got the green curse as the plants I look after all die a slow withering death.

large buddha statue

However, I sometimes come up with some ideas of “greatness” (if I may say so myself) and the one that I’m so proud of is this Buddha statue in the garden which we bought online.

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I know it’s not for everybody but I like to get in touch with my Asian heritage and what better way to be reminded of that heritage but with a large Buddha statue 🙂 ?

When we were shopping for these statues, I realized that it’s not that easy to pick which one to buy. There are many different postures and many different material to choose from. My husband says you must get these things correctly – especially when it’s going to greatly influence your life happiness and wealth!

Frankly, I just wanted to get the first large Buddha statue I found, but my husband, the perfect one, said that if we were going to do this, we might as well get it right.

So instead of just choosing the one that immediately caught our eye (which is how I buy things), we spent many hours at night researching which Buddha statue would fit well in the garden.

Did you know that different Buddha postures have different meanings? I’ve always thought that they all are all meant to give you happiness and wealth, but this is not the case at all. It’s good we did a little bit of research before we went out to buy one.

Right now, we have the Buddha statue nicely nestled in the garden and I could not be more happy.

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