Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Amusement Park – Bounce House Water Slide Combo

With it’s orange/yellow/blue color combination, the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable amusement park would look imposing in your backyard.

During a birthday party or a hot summer day, young children are going to have lots of fun in this bounce house and water slide combo. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases.

What It Looks Like

The Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids has a tropical jungle theme – thus the color and the added coconut fronds and “easter island” statue decorations.

It’s not the biggest inflatable water slide on our list but it has features that many kids love.

Let’s start with the two — no, that’s three slides. Yes, 3. Two Big ones and 1 small one. The two mega slides are on either side and there’s 1 small slide that starts where the bouncer is and goes down to the same water lagoon where the two big slides end.

blast zone rainforest rapids inflatable water park
The Bouncer

The bouncer is between the two slides and has an 8 x 8 foot surface for bouncing. It’s big enough for kids to jump on and have fun. The bouncer is protected with a mesh covering so that the kids don’t fall out of it when they get a bit too excited with their bouncing.

Like many other Blast Zone bouncer/waterslide inflatables, this can be used either wet or dry. Children do have great fun in it when dry, but they get even more playful when it’s wet – that’s water and kids for you, I guess.

What It’s Made Of

rainforest rapids bouncer
the bouncer

We have always emphasized the material quality of Blast Zone Water Slide Bouncer Combo and this one is no exception. It has commercial grade vinyl and has reinforced stitching so that the seams won’t just break with the kids jumping on it. Blast Zone’s products are definitely one of those that lasts for many years specially with proper care and maintenance (pay close attention on how to store it properly so it doesn’t mold in storage)

Note: Some people have commented on air coming out of the seams. Don’t be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. Remember that this kinds of inflatables need the blower to be continuously on. The air coming out is simply the blower doing its job. — read more on this in the manual that came with the package.

The Specifics

  • Measurement when inflated: 16’W x 15’L x 8’H
  • Recommended capacity: 5 kids
  • Maximum weight of individual user: 150 lbs.
  • Bounce floor dimension: 8′ x 8′
  • Recommended age: 3 and above

When The Package Arrives At Your House

Here’s what to expect if you’re ordering the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Bounce House water slide online. This could vary depending on where you buy it from, but many shops should pack it this way.

The product weights 120 lbs. with the shipping size of 17′ x 17′ 52. The package already includes everything you need:

  1. bounce house unit
  2. instruction manual
  3. ul listed blower – 680 w
  4. sprayer
  5. instructional dvd
  6. warranty info

Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Water Park Review

Many have bought the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids and it has consistently gotten an average of 4 star rating from many sites (I’ve looked at over 7 different sites).

The kids

love this backyard waterslide. Who wouldn’t? It’s like having your very own summer fair right in the back of the house. Whether wet or dry this offers a lot of fun for the kids. This is recommended for children from 3 years old but should there be a small one in there too (with adult supervision of course), climbing up the big slides may not be so easy. But don’t worry, the bouncer is low down enough and protected too that they will have just as much fun. There’s even a small slide that they can slide on right to the splash pool.

And the older kdis? Well, they’ll have fun doing everything possible that you can do on an inflatable slide like this one.

The adults

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a big “equipment” and getting it set up by yourself with hardly any help. That’s exactly the main sentiment of many of the grown up reviewers. This is VERY easy to put up that even if you’re not the handy kind of person, you’ll be able to get this on the ground, up and running in 5-15 minutes.

Another common comment is how durable the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable amusement park is. It looks good and solid when they first open it and perform just as well after 2, 3, or 4 years — so overall a good investment.

blast zone rainforest rapids inflatable bouncer with slide

The only gripe that parents have is that it’s not as easy to put into storage. Sometimes, drying it up can be a problem. But despite this problem, they still say that they would still buy the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Bounce house in a heartbeat if they had to.

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Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Video

Here’s a video of this inflatable water slide. It gives you a good idea of exactly how big it is and what the main features are

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