NBA Spalding 54 Inch Portable Basketball System : Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard 68454

Backboard Specs

  • size: 54 inches
  • thickness: 1/4 inch tempered glass
  • Frame: steel
  • board offset: 2′
  • padding: foam

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  • made of 3 pieces
  • 4 inches square
  • material: steel


  • 40 gallons for sand or water
  • dimensions: 54 x 34 x 7

Warranty: 1 year

spalding 54 inch portable basketball system

The Backboard

The glass tempered backboard is the main draw to this system.  It has good bounce and like other Spalding glass boards look very sleek and clean specially with its aluminum trim and the NBA logo on it.

The Hoops

The Hoops are very solid.


The Square pole of the 54 Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard 68454 makes it one of the most stable portable basketball system at this price range. It fits the base so well (assuming you’ve properly put the three pieces together — see flaw below ) that it doesn’t wobble at all.

Height Adjustments

Here’s another good feature of the spalding 54 inch portable basketball system. Its height can be adjusted at infinite increments — this makes it a good system when there are multiple players of different ages/sizes using it. It uses a screw jack lift is very easy to handle and makes it very easy to adjust the height.

The lever used for adjustment is also removable so if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want anyone messing with the height of our basketball hoop, you’re going to love this feature.

The Flaw

As a portable basketball system, this is almost perfect for its size. There is however one glaring problem that many customers have been complaining about the Spalding 54 inch  portable basketball system with glass backboard and that is the installation.

Like many assembly gripes, the main thing that people have problems with is putting the 3 poles together. This is a lot trickier than the instructions will have you believe.  A lot of hammering and confusion instructions are seemingly involved in the building of this hoop.

If you do decide to buy this system, there are now many clearer instructions to putting this together. We’ll try to collate them in the next few days to help you with this part of the assembly.

It doesn’t have the same loud sound as a typical plastic backboard. It also has a truer bounce for bank shots. No complaints for this unit. It lowers to 7’6″ and goes up to 10″. It has a large overhang so the base can actually be off the “court” you are playing on. Solid rim that you can dunk on, though I wouldn’t hang. The rim has a nice soft touch for shots and you can adjust the “tightness” of the rim with just one bolt. Great product. Make sure you tighten everything fully before playing, then again after playing on it for a few days. A couple of bolts that we thought were tight, needed another turn to sturdy them up.


If you’re looking for a reasonably price glass-tempered Spalding portable basketball system, you cannot go wrong with the 54-inch 68454 model. It’s stable, it’s durable and it offers just the right bounce you’ll expect from a high-quality portable system.

It’s a good hoop for both kids and adults. It can be easily adjusted to fit the heights of the players.

However, installation can be a pain and this is one thing you need to clearly be aware of when you buy this particular hoop. Armed with this knowledge, you can then easily put the system together as there are dozens of advice/suggestions from various owners who have installed this themselves.

So that if you do have any problems, you can easily go online and get the help you need. Sure it’s a litTle tricky to put together. But others have done it and since they’ve shared their experiences, it should be easier for any future buyer to put this together.

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