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Pool pumps play an integral part in your swimming pool’s operation. It could make or break your pool maintenance efforts.


Buy the perfect pool pump for your pool and maintenance will be a breeze.


Buy an efficient energy saving pump and your electricity bill will drop to a significant amount.


I cannot underestimate the importance of finding the right pump for your pool. So here on these pages are some articles and resources that should help you decide how and which one to purchase.


If you’re just starting your research, read Swimming Pool Pumps Explained guide.


Are perhaps you already know which pool pump you want to buy? Then check out this list of Energy Star rated energy efficient pumps


Do you have an above ground pool and are not looking for a single speed pump? Have a look at the Intex Kyrstal Clear Saltwater system or if you want a different brand, you should find them in the best 1 hp pool pump guide.


We have also featured some of the highly rated and bestselling swimming pool pumps in the market today

pentair intelliflo vs + svrs pool pump

Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs Pump 3HP 11017

The Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs pump is the first pump that looks out for the safety of pool users. Well worth checking out if pool safety is something you are concerned about.

intex filter pump

Intex Filter Pump Guide

Know which Intex filter pump to get to upgrade your above ground pool. Should you get the sand filter or the cartridge filter? Decisions..Decisions. Here, we help you decide.

Hayward Super Pump Specs And Resources

Hayward super pumps specs with additional resources on where to get installation manuals. Also provides additional links on diy repair. Whether buying or maintaining a Hayward super pump, the answer you need is here.

hayward super pump

Is The Hayward Super Pump Quiet?

Tired of noisy pool pumps that upset your neighbors? Check out what customers have to say about how quiet the Hayward super pump is.